October 9, 2017 League 1 Ontario--Match Recap: FC London vs Pro Stars (from League 1 Ontario)

Match Recap: FC London 7 - 1 Pro Stars
10/09/2017, 11:00pm EDT
By League1 Ontario staff

Bill Vyfschaft (9', 15', 35') scored three and Belal Halbouni (29'), Sandro Rajkovic (56'), 
Liam Kasza (64') and Sokol Qamili (75') rounded out a seven goal haul as FC London beat 
Pro Stars FC in their final matches of the 2017 campaign.

"In the last weeks we have played a lot of really young players," said FC London assistant 
coach, Eddie Schmidt.

"We also have a core of senior players too, which is really nice, and today that number was 
increased by Randy [Ribeiro] coming out one more time after an injury."

"We have core of senior players coming back next season but we also have a lot of young players 
that have shown in recent weeks that they are the future of the club and they can become 
the core of the League1 team over the next couple years." 

"Today we played against another team that is very, very young in Pro Stars," he added. 
"They do a good job even though they have lost a lot of games. They develop players and 
I like the approach they have. They are not as concerned about results as development and that 
is okay in League1 as the league also has some focus on being a development tool for 
the individual player."

Guilien Da Silva (68') struck for Pro Stars in a match that the visitors took some time 
to get going. 

"We seemed scared to play," said Pro Stars head coach, Josef Komlodi. 

"It is a young team for sure, but they seemed scared today. I didn't recognize some of the 
boys actually. Some arrived late as well and it affected our game. FC London is a very 
mature team, I like the way they play. It's the last game of the season and we are happy 
to get out of here with no injuries and begin to look towards what we will do in 2018. 
We plan to have a super strong team." 

FC London finish their season in fourth position in the west division, on 38 points with 
a record of 11 wins, six losses and five draws. The team was fourth in the division in goals 
for (54), tied for fourth for goals against (38) and fourth for goal difference (+16).

Pro Stars finish their season in eighth position in the west division, on four points with 
a record of one win, 20 losses and one draw. The team was eighth in the division in goals 
for (16), goals against (90) and goal difference (-74). 

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