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CPSL Semi Final Game 1 NY Astros vs Toronto Olympians
by Rocket Robin

Game 1 of the 2 game semi-final between North York Astros and Toronto Olympians ended with the Olympians winning 5-1 at Esther Shiner Stadium in North York.

North York Astros 1
86 min...Alejandro Martinez on 35 yard freekick.

Toronto Olympians 5
4 min...Darryl Holmes on header after throw in.
26 min...Eddy Berdusco on 10 yard shot.
41 min...John Matas on 12 yard shot.
57 min...Eddy Berdusco slides in 25 yard shot.
76 min...Gus Kouzmanis on 15 yard shot to open net.

That's an impossible aggregate for Astros to make up as Olympians are undefeated this season.

Astros Alejandro Martinez was red carded at 88 minutes for a tackle from behind.

About 100 shivering fans watched the game.

The Glen Shields vs St Catharines game was not played on Friday night but will take place Monday at 8:00pm.

Posted on Oct 04 1998, 08:10 PM

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