NTN Trivia

Most Saturday nights I play NTN Trivia at a local bar (now I go to the Frog & Firkin as Joe Grinders closed in January 1998) in North York. Newcomers often don't know how to play so I thought I'd show them the rules and some tips to get more points. The game is an interactive experience in that we watch a tv monitor and with computer boxes (somewhat like a tv remote control) we press in our answers to the multiple choice questions--the faster the better for point scoring.

My favourite game is the one hour game theme of music trivia at 10:00pm Saturday nights. I'm usually the best in the bar. It helps that some of my hobbies are collecting music cassettes and videos and reading Billboard magazine every second week.

Since most games are the same in that they gradually give hints or delete the wrong answer as the seconds tick by I'll instead list the 'Encore' (Final) question as that one you have 30 seconds to give an answer and with no clues you input what you think is right and gain or lose points depending on the points you've risked. (closest thing to the Final Jeopardy question on the tv show Jeopardy).

Rules of NTN Trivia



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