Encore Question of October 31, 1998.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York.


  1. Kentucky--Indiana
  2. Virginia--Tennessee
  3. Florida--Georgia
  4. Alabama--Mississippi
  5. Louisiana--Texas

Tonight I have the lead thanks to the last Triviaoke question when I pass my friend Bill MADDOG. I have a low score of 16557 and he has 16471. That's twice as many as the other players in this weak crowd. None of the bar regular players are here playing this game. There are 11 players for this last question but the game built from only 5. We both put 50% of our points on the line as I expected this would be about what states some band members were from.

Another tough night in the OnBeat round as I earn only 3000 points and that's with MADDOG giving me an answer. Have to outguess them when they say Kevin Hearn the drummer of this group was finishing treatment for leukemia. Answer BareNaked Ladies even through Tyler Stewart is drummer and Kevin is mostly plays keyboards. They're from Toronto so I guess only we can complain.

Question:...Bristol, on the border, is officially the birthplace of country:

I don't know the answer; it took quite a while to get the question down and the end of the answers as I'd only got to the first four before the betting round came up. If there were two states I'd associate with country music it would be Kentucky and Tennessee. 'bluegrass Smoky Mountains' territory. Would it be '1' or '2'? I felt Indiana was two states over out west [oops Kentucky and Indiana do border] so I didn't change from '2' my initial pick. I have not heard of any museum being in this town and the only Bristol I've heard of is in England.

Correct Answer:...2. Virginia--Tennessee

I'm right and win with 24835 points. MADDOG is right too and we have at least double the points of all of the others. I'm 2456th in North America. The bar is 1059th. I earn 3000+ Players Plus points for this game.

There is a Halloween theme at the bar tonight. The staff all in costumes and a few of the patrons. I was dressed in all black and wrapped myself in yellow 'Caution' tape like the kind you see at police crime scenes and now to block construction repair sights. It's really a plastic ribbon that has no adhesive on it. I wasn't wrapped like 'the mummy' but thinner and it kept slipping down with gravity except the strip I'd tied like a bandana. A guy dressed like KISS Paul Stanley came around and said there'd be a costume contest at 1:00am to win the Labatt's leather jacket he was holding. It seemed like it would be a perfect fit for him! Also tonight there was a DJ which is a rarity because this place doesn't usually have music. How many Halloween CD's can he play? After 'Monster Mash', 'Purple People Eater' and 'Everyday Is Like Halloween' by Ministry. Otherwise just campy oldies like 'The Night Chicago Died' and 'Saturday Night' by Bay City Rollers.

Other Games:
9:30pm...Countdown (Halloween Theme)...10993/15000...3rd/11...I'm 2558th in North America...bar is 507th...I earn 1000+ Players Plus points...RUB ME wins.
10:00pm...Playback...(see above).
11:00pm...RetroTV...13016/15000...1st/13...I'm 791st in NA...bar is 261st...I earn 1000+ points...this is the 5th best score in 15000 point games this month.

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