Encore Question of October 3, 1998.
Played at the Frog & Firkin in North York.


  1. Michael OKeefe
  2. Tim Robbins
  3. Dennis Quaid
  4. Christopher Guest
  5. Brian Benben

Tonight I'm in 6th place after an ok showing in OnBeat (would have been worse except for the help of Jeff LEAFAN) and a poor showing for me in Triviaoke. The first five places are held by a table of F&F regulars led by PLBAAB, someone I've never seen before, with 22655. I have 18806 points so put 50% on the line to this question which I think will be something about movies because I wouldn't call these people singers.

Question:...Which actor married singer Bonnie Raitt?

I didn't know this and the two friends left out of the five we started with at the bar had left midgame to play pool didn't know either. It took me quite a while to write down the question and answers. Bonnie Raitt was in Toronto earlier in the week as opening act on the Eric Clapton concert tour. I didn't read much of the paper this week or I might have read the answer in an interview. Tim Robbins I thought of the movie Batman but I'm glad I changed as he is famous as a director. I've not heard of Michael OKeefe nor Brian Benben so picked Dennis Quaid as he has a southern accent but he may be too young. Better than the Spinal Tap guy Christopher Guest.

Correct Answer:...1 Michael OKeefe

[My music book lists this fact but I've never come across this before in other press].

I'm wrong and stay in 6th place of 9 players as the top five were right and the rest were wrong. I finish with 9403 points, good for only 1500 Players Plus points as I didn't make the 16000 standard. I'm 7350th in North America. The bar is 7th but of course I'm of no help to their average of 31582 points. PLBAAB is the winner with 33983 and that's 14th on the Network Top 20 but only 424th of all players.

The regulars applauded when I was wrong and PLBAAB gave me the finger when I went over with Bill MADDOG to congratulate their table. Nice friendly bunch those folks. Five minutes later he came over to the bar to explain what his interpretation of giving someone the finger means but it's still not the wisest way to greet strangers.

Other games:
9:00pm...Wipeout...10064/15000...1st/10...2733rd in North America...bar is 706th...I earn 1000+ Players Plus points.
9:30pm...Wipeout...10482/15000...1st/10...2162nd in North America...bar is 413th...1000+ points.
10:00pm...Playback...(see above).
11:00pm...RetroTV...12491/15000...1st/10...967th in North America...bar is 19th with an 11916 average...1000+ points.

The individual placings seemed to be quite low all night as most weeks these would be in the top few 100. PLBAAB seemed to be ripped off with a 14th Network score in Playback but only 424th individually.

The bar had only 10 Playmakers working tonight so maybe that had the regulars on edge as there looked like a dozen people at the regulars table. I gave mine to Yvonne after the RetroTV game and went home quietly after a come-from-behind (8th to 1st) finish. That's the best way of answering the regulars getting on my case.

**ENIGMA wants to let you know that it was he who controlled PLBAAB's board through the Playback game and got him the good score.**

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