Encore Question of September 5, 1998.
Played at the Frog And Firkin in North York.


  1. Paul Kantner
  2. Marty Balin
  3. Signe Anderson
  4. Jorma Kaukonen
  5. Skip Spence

Tonight I'm ahead thanks to playing a perfect 6000 in the JukeBox round and taking the lead. I've got the three friends in my team in the top four spots. (ROCKET, TREV, LEAFAN and MADDOG). This question looked like it would be tough. I recognized three names from the 60s group 'Jefferson Airplane' [actually all these guys played with the band over the years] but the question could be--who wasn't in the band?, who left first?, who played what instrument? who got punched unconscious in the Altamount concert? etc. With 50% on the line and 19978 points (about average as I sat on my hands or guessed wrong during much of the OnBeat round).

Question:...This Jefferson Airplane member is the father of Grace Slick's daughter China.

I didn't know and expressed that to the group. If everyone split votes we may get it. I put in 3. for Signe Anderson, one of the guys I didn't recognize from the band (the logic of that was very stupid, maybe I spent too long writing out the question and answers). MADDOG had Marty Balin covered.

Correct Answer:...1 Paul Kantner.

I'm wrong and finish 9th of 15 with 9989 points. I didn't see who bet low or how many were in the 'DaveTv' gang team, he wasn't there. I got some anonymous hate mail for saying he carries the team so I'll call them the 'F&F regulars'. ENIGMA wins with 21879 and finishes 198th in North America. I finish 5085 in North America and earn only 1500 Players Plus points. The bar is 690th.

"Well I know about the Jefferson Airplane but I don't know them intimately!" is my punny reply for losing it. Back at home, my music book covers in one paragraph just when each member joined, quit, rejoined, split into Starship etc. and their song list. I wouldn't know this answer unless I read one of those Rolling Stones magazine compliations.

Putting that aside when my gang split up, I buckled down and won the next two games finishing on the Networks Top 20.

Other games:
9:30pm...Wipeout...7395/15000...8th/12...3978 in North America...bar is 445th...I earn 1000 Players Plus points...LESTAT wins...It would help if I'd got here before the 4th question.
10:00pm...Playback (see above).
11:00pm...RetroTV...13950/15000...1st/11(?)...37th in North America...bar is 17th with a 12847 average...1000+ points...I make the Top 20 Network board in 20th place.
11:30pm...Countdown...13164/15000...1st/12...49th in North America...didn't catch the bar's position...1000+ points...I make the Top 20 Network board in 17th place.
12:00am...Countdown...12353/15800...2nd/12...42nd in Canada...bar is 6th in Canada with a 11664 average...1000+ points...PHREDD wins and is 41st in Canada. (he'd come over late in game to my side of bar and fed me an answer or two).

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