Encore Question of July 25, 1998.
Played at the Frog & Firkin in North York.


  1. Brandy
  2. Fiona Apple
  3. Jewel
  4. Leann Rimes
  5. Monica

Tonight I have the lead with a very good 24030 points thanks to an almost perfect round of Jukebox 5797/6000 and Triviaoke 7983/9000. I won those rounds and co-won TuneUp. ENIGMA was behind me with 21935. Ok 50% of my points on the line for this question:

This singer was only 14 when she made her album debut with "Miss Thang".

Now I'll have to say that this week for about the 8th week in a row, Brandy and Monica have the Number One pop single in the US with 'The Boy Is Mine'. They are in the video and I have a hard time telling them apart. I push in '1' for Brandy and write down the question. I start to think about this because it could be either of the two, the other three I know it's not. What can I do? The only way I can think of 'Miss Thang' in song is in a lyric by Alanis Morrissette. Hmm is it the psychology of NTN offering up Brandy as the first choice and 'hiding' Monica?....No I must concentrate because I own that cassette. What was the other singer's debut? Eleven seconds to go and I flash back to me walking down the street playing that cassette, yes change to '5' Monica. I should feel more confident than this....

Correct Answer:.......5. Monica

I win and accept congratulations from some at the bar. I'd given out some answers earlier but wasn't confident enough to blab this one. The question has five right answers and ten wrong answers at the bar. I finish with 36045 points. "You should finish on the Network" someone says but I didn't think so...too easy a finishing question for young patrons anyway.

I finish 7th on the Network Top 20 board and 11th for North America (difference is caused by some players being at the same bar) (could also be they were not P+ players?). The bar is 254th in North America.
I finish 2nd and have places 2 through 5 of eight on the bar's yet again reset Hall Of Fame board.

[Brandy's debut released a few months earlier was titled 'Brandy'. She is from Mississippi while Monica is from Atlanta (not England as I'd misunderstood)]. Alanis Morrissette sang 'now that I'm Miss Thang' in the song 'Right Through You'.
Whatever happened to Tracie Spencer?

Other games:
9:30pm...Wipeout...10175/15000...1st/9...848th in North America...bar is 901st in NA...1000+ Players Plus points...I get signed on by the 2nd question.
10:00pm...Playback...(see above).
11:00pm...11871/15000...4th/13...1462nd in NA...bar is 386th...1000+ points...SNOBALL wins with 12462...I also sign on as a network player at this bar so I can transfer my points next week. On this 2nd machine I made 4726/15000...13/13th for 6601 in NA. I earn 500+ points. The 15 minutes of signing on was quite a distraction.
11:30pm...Countdown...10673/15000...2nd/12(?)...879th in NA...bar is 532nd...1000+ points...MOLSON wins.
12:00am...Countdown...12696/15800...1st/12...31st in Canada...bar is 8th in Canada with a 11589 average...1000+ points...another 13 points would have got me a top 20 Network finish.

Fine evening seeing DAVETV's friends ENIGMA, MOLSON and KELLY. Bill MADDOG and MRKOOL also came later.

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