Encore Question of June 20, 1998.
Played at Frog & Firkin in North York.


  1. Paul Desmond
  2. Jimmy Dorsey
  3. Artie Shaw
  4. Charlie Parker
  5. Ornette Coleman

Tonight I had a small lead at 17260 points thanks to winning the JukeBox and Triviaoke rounds to pull into the lead. I'd been cowinner of the TuneUp round but was almost silent (2500 points) in the OnBeat round. Now I had an excuse as earlier in the day when I usually log onto the Net and read some entertainment news, my monitor which had given me trouble for the last week or two started smoking and burning it's wires so that stopped my studying for any current questions tonight! [It's a week later and I have bought a used monitor to get by until I get a new computer maybe later in the year].

With 50% of my points on the line (although I didn't recognize some of these guys in the answer) and second place MOLSON at 14567 points:

Question:...Which jazz musician was famed as a clarinetist?

I don't know this one and remember the last Encore question I was wrong on was about jazz musicians falling out of windows and MOLSON caught me on that one too. I spent a long time thinking who wouldn't be a clarinetist and only eliminated Charlie Parker (trumpet player?) and was guessing Ornette Coleman (piano player?), but just thought of Artie Shaw as someone I'd heard of so pressed in '3' putting off thinking that Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey as brothers might be a trick of who, if either, of them played clarinet. With me dreading that the double-thinking team of MOLSON and KELLY who both returned from Denmark earlier in the week knowing this one I waited for the answer....

Correct Answer:...3. Artie Shaw

I'm right and win with 25890 points. That's good for 140th in North America. The bar is 1261st as four of the other ten players in the bar were correct. TREV finished 2nd with 15875 points as he and MADDOG knew the answer easily. I wasn't over at the bar with them as I'd met my friend Fleetwood on my way down here and we grabbed a table. He isn't into this game and left before 10:00pm. The other players who met the Players Plus points standard seemed to earn 3000 points for this game so I assume I earned that too. (still a Joe Grinders home player).

Other games:
9:00pm...Wipeout...700/15000...7th/7...9228th in North America...bar is 1757th...500 P+ points...WOTUS wins...(would've helped if I'd have got a board before the last two questions).
9:30pm...Wipeout...8198/15000...1st/9...176th in NA...bar is 1057th...1000+ points?
10:00pm...Playback...(see above)
11:00pm...RetroTV...11095/15000...1st/9 (won on the last question)...200th in NA...bar is 542nd...1000+ points.

I won three games tonight but was told the bar doesn't give out winner's cards anymore. I had six cards which after collecting enough could be used for food or clothing after collecting (well I never found out how many).

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