Encore Question of May 30, 1998.
Played at Frog & Firkin in North York.


  1. Traffic
  2. Grateful Dead
  3. The Doobie Brothers
  4. Steely Dan
  5. Black Sabbath

Tonight I have the lead with 18631 points thanks to winning TuneUp with a perfect game, JukeBox and co-winning OnBeat with WOTUS and DEZ. I was very quiet in the OnBeat round answering only four of nine with one wrong. The best players MOLSON and KELLY are over in Denmark for a few weeks and the rest of the clique weren't there or were scattered around. I didn't win Triviaoke but pulled further away from those closest to me. DEZ was closest to me with 14433. I was bothered by where I sat as parades of people obscured my view of the monitor as they walked back and forth. Also there were a bunch of yahoos playing pool and yelling. This would be a very short visit for me. Now with 50% of my points on the line...

Question:...Who recorded the 1974 album "What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits"?

I answered right away as I saw what a long question this was to write down. There were only two reasonable choices as I pressed in for Steely Dan. About halfway through the time I thought I could find the title in my music book so I should spend the time concentrating! Maybe The Doobie Brothers would be a better choice. Steely Dan had 'weird' album names but all I could think of was "Can't Buy A Thrill" at that time. Wait that glimmer of hope brain spin...Vices--Vice Cops--Drugs--Doobies-- must change answer to '3' and hold breath, then let it out as I see that I'm right.

Correct Answer:...3. The Doobie Brothers

I'm right and win with 27947 points. Only about 2 others of the 14 players at the bar were right. My rivals fall away and 2nd place goes to HUGGS at 14559, one of the few right. I look like a genius but it was a closer game than it looked. I finish 173rd in North America, the bar is 1460th. I earn 2000+ points and finish 3rd of 4 on the bar's reset Hall Of Fame board.

Other games:
9:30pm...Wipeout...5424/15000...4th/12...4915th in North America...bar is 885th...500 or 1000 P+ points...PJF wins...getting here before the seventh question would have helped my score.
I had a wonky board so I thought but after I changed my angle to the monitor it created no more problems.

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