Encore Question of May 16, 1998.
Played at the Frog & Firkin in North York.

  1. The Village People
  2. Milli Vanilli
  3. The Monkees
  4. New Kids On The Block
  5. Spice Girls

Tonight I have a big lead with 23951 points (I'm sure my best ever) but with JARVIS second with 18229. I was co-winner with MADDOG in the TuneUp round and won the OnBeat and Triviaoke rounds. I put 50% of my points on the line as I thought I knew about every song of these groups. (Frank Sinatra died earlier this week and their is a triviaoke question acknowledging that fact).

Question:...Which music act was the brainchild of French producer Jacques Morali?

I clicked in my answer right away then tipped off Bill MADDOG what I'd guessed. I knew The Village People were started by some French guy but I wasn't sure of his name. I can remember either him or someone doing a parody of him with a lispy French accent outlining how he created a 'village of people' (a policeman, army/navy guy, cowboy, Indian, leather man, construction worker...eek, what village?). Writing down the question made me start doubting my answer. I knew The Monkees were by Don Kirchner and New Kids On The Block were Maurice Starr from Boston who wanted to create a 'white' New Edition. I expected the Spice Girls would brag they created themselves. Milli Vanilli were just in the news within the last two weeks because one of them committed suicide. It's possible they could have had a French producer. [Actually their producer was German Frank Farian who also created Boney M and Far Corporation]. Now I really doubted myself but here I go holding my breath...

Correct Answer:...1. The Village People

I win with 35927 points. MADDOG finishes 2nd with 24723. The other eleven players were all wrong! The F&F regulars were playing at least six at one table. The scores of everyone else were all under 10000 points. The bar finished 170th in North America thanks to us two and a very tough Encore question. I earn 2000 Players Plus points. I knew I had my best score at this game and when I saw the Top 20 Network scores I realized I was on it. Right there! Number 5 on the whole continent. Oh yeah! I was ranked 8th of all players (only one player from each bar can be on the Network scores).

It was really ironic that I wouldn't be able to brag about tonight anytime soon because my computer was in the repair shop. I actually pressed up to the window of the store and could see it in pieces still pulled apart. Some of my readers would probably recognize me as "ROCKET Frog & Firkin North York ON" and look me up but my pages won't be updated anytime soon.

Other games:
9:00pm...Wipeout...3882/15000...6th/9...4751 in North America...bar is 169th in North America...JARVIS wins...(I didn't start playing until the 8th question)...500 Players Plus points? maybe it's time I transferred my points to this bar so I'd know what I earn for each game).
9:30pm...Wipeout...10110/15000...2nd/10...210th in NA...bar is 339th in NA...1000+ points... ENIGMA wins.
10:00pm...Playback...(see above).
11:00pm...RetroTV...14926/15000...2nd/12...24th in NA...bar is 8th in NA with a 14818 average...1000+ points...KELLY wins with a perfect game, one of 12 on the continent. This game was the exact same television game as last week! I wonder why there weren't a few hundred perfect games with such a short time between repeat games.
11:30pm...Countdown...11886/15000...6th/12...720th in NA...bar is 39th(?)...MADDOG wins edging out JARVIS. They finish 114th and 115th in NA to prove how close they were. I tipped MADDOG a few answers.

On my way home, I again stop by the repair store to see my computer through the window. This HAD to be the week that it broke?!

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