Encore Question of April 18, 1998.
Played at The Keg-Sheppard Centre in North York.

  1. To Disco
  2. How You Love Me
  3. The Night Life
  4. My Mary Lou
  5. A Rainy Night

Tonight I have the slimmest of leads with 19123 points. I have regained the lead in the Triviaoke round ahead of PLATO's 19039 and FERRET's 17737. I hung on by getting 90 points on the last question rather than losing 250 on a Bing Crosby song from the 1940s. I bought a CD of his greatest hits and made a tape for my car so I could play it for my mother when I drove her places. Three answers looked reasonable but I changed at the end to '...Mind If I Tag Along'. There are 12 players in this final round. I know there's no doubt I'll put the maximum 50% on the line. With 9562 points on the board.

Question:...Singer Eddie Rabbit had a Number 1 hit with "I Love _________" in early 1981.

Well that was an easy one for me. The toughest thing was writing the answers and the question down in time as I had picked one of the new Playmaker boards as it was the only one that had a green light (fully charged) which was very hard to change your answers. This is why I continuously lost points in JukeBox as I ring in for 1000 then change my answer but this board was almost impossible to change. This is what arthritis must feel like as my hands are all cramped up. I should stick to the old boards with chiclett keyboards. Oh yes, I do have time to put in my answer as 5.

Oh one other thing. I was at a Computer Show earlier today and saw my page from Microsoft Internet Explorer. I haven't enough of this narrative filler so you can't peak at the answers without paging down. Well that's up to you.

Correct Answer:...5. A Rainy Night

I win with 28685 points. That's good for 175th in North America. The bar is 920th as although 5 of the 12 have the Encore question right, PLATO and FERRET both miss it and J MAN with 19283 finish 2nd. I knew that song and although it's considered Country, back in those years, it was right in the mainstream. This is almost like another Triviaoke question. I earn 2000 Players Plus points as I only needed a 15000 score.

I finish Number 1 on the bar's Hall of Fame board but notice there are only two entries. Tonight's score and the December 27th 1997 score (that's before I started coming here). I'm suspicious about all my scores being erased and yet that one score being left!

The Frog & Firkin bar across the street finished Number 1 in North America and KELLY playing from there is the Number 1 player in North America. Well they'll probably playing as a team.

This was the only game I played tonight. I didn't go across the street to say 'Hello'. I had taken my mother for a walk before I came here and was almost late. She had some depressing news about her declining health. I could get home before she went to bed if I left for home right after this game. The walk there and back gives me some time to think.

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