Encore Question of April 4, 1998.
Played at The Keg--Sheppard Centre in North York.

  1. Duane Eddy
  2. Bill Munroe
  3. Jimmy Rodgers
  4. Stevie Ray Vaughan
  5. Joe Walsh

Tonight I have a huge lead over the only other player still in the game...GUSTO with 7787. With 18116 points earned by winning each round except for a tough run at JukeBox I still could lose the game by risking 50% and dropping below the 17000 target for Players Plus points but I want those Hall of Fame places. With 9058 points risked...

Question:...Which famous guitarist was backed by The Rebels?



Well I could think of a song that came immediately to mind. "Rebel Rouser" by Duane Eddy. Knowing something about the new guys I eliminated Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Walsh although the name of their bands escaped me right then. No, I'll still go with Duane Eddy as I can't think of Bill Munroe early bluegrass music and Jimmy Rodgers folk songs being 'rebels'.

Correct Answer:...1 Duane Eddy

I'm right and finish with 27174 points. That's good enough for 2000+ Players Plus points. I finish in 147th place in North America. The bar is 2150th as GUSTO was also right. I finish 6th on the bar's Hall of Fame Top 10 list. I forgot to bring my lighter tonight so no victory celebration.

I stayed at The Keg from about ten o'clock until eleven-thirty but not knowing anyone tonight, I went across the street to The Frog & Firkin for the next hour and a half. Bill MADDOG was there; KELLY and MOLSON playing against each other! MRKOOL came by later.

We're going to Daylight Savings Time overnight so I leave at 1:00am. On my way home I find this will be my last weekend to stop at the Pizza Nova for a slice as they're moving next week. Actually they'll be closer to home but by the time I drool that many extra blocks, I'll be so close to home that I might as well wait. That makes it a lousy last few months for me on the recreation front with this happening and Joe Grinders bar closing and the swimming pool hours being slashed.

Other games:
9:30pm...Wipeout...750/15000...5th/5...500+ Players Plus points...9332nd in North America...bar is 1852nd...GUSTO wins. (I only got here in time for the last two questions)...
10:00pm...Playback (see above)...
11:00pm...Retro TV Countdown...10304/15000...1st/2...1000+ points...1663rd in NA...bar is 2084th...(this was the first time in months that this game wasn't the Wipeout format).
11:30pm...Countdown...8719/15000...4th/11...1000+ points...1204th in NA...F&F bar is 369th... TIGERR wins...(I got here in time for the last ten questions...
12:00am...Countdown...10435/15800...7th/14...1000+ points...202nd in Canada...F&F bar is 4th in Canada with a 12068 average!!...KELLY wins...
12:30am...Countdown...10549/15000...3rd/12...1000+ points...1027th in NA...F&F bar is 300th...MADDOG wins and is 202nd in NA he thanked me for tipping him about three answers.

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