Encore Question of March 21, 1998.
Played at The Keg-Sheppard Centre in North York.

  1. Human League
  2. 'Til Tuesday
  3. The Motels
  4. Yes
  5. Berlin

Tonight I'm really the only player with a full score so I could risk any amount with my 19617 points. Like that Saturday Night Live character Goat Boy ("Hey Remember The 80's?"), I expect I can answer any question about these bands so risk the maximum 50%. A player gave me two right answers before going home in the OnBeat round (and one wrong one) when I normally would have been silent so I had a chance at a good Hall of Fame score for this bar.

Question:...The LA based quintet was led by vocalist Martha Davis.

I knew this one right off as I heard the singer's name when they were famous back in the 1980's. Now later I thought how anyone could be fooled. Hometowns? Well Berlin was also from Los Angeles but it was Terri Nunn that led the band's trio to sextet throughout it's career. Aimee Mann from Boston's 'Til Tuesday, and a male led Sheffield's Human League and English all-guy Yes. Now for the rest of the evening I was humming 'it's like I told you only the lonely can play'.

Correct Answer:...3. The Motels

I'm right and end up with 29425 points. That's good for 2nd on the Hall of Fame board at this bar. Yeah I'm now 1-2. I earn 2000+ points as I only needed 16000. My score was good enough for 121st in North America and the bar was 2362nd as there was only one other player with a few hundred points.

It was a quiet night with crowds cut down by the snowfall. I was working on a covering letter for a petition about cutting hours at the local swimming pool between rounds. The walk down here gave me some good ideas. I didn't bother to cross the street to the Frog & Firkin tonight and was on my home by 11:30pm. Still I'm glad I had a break out of the house to think.

Other games:
9:00pm...Wipeout...3279/15000...3rd/3...PVJ wins...500+ points?...7421th in North America...bar is 1899th in NA...(arriving before the 11th question would have helped my score).
9:30pm...Wipeout...9709/15000...1st/3...1000+ points (needed 7000)...2219th in NA...bar is 1834th in NA...(ROCKET at Mr Mike's was 19th but that's not me!).
10:00pm...Playback (see above)...
11:00pm...RetroTV Wipeout...11112/15000...1st/2...1000+ points...61st in Canada...bar position unknown but not too good with only two players.

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