Encore Question of February 21st, 1998.
Played at The Keg-Sheppard Centre in North York.

  1. Monterey
  2. Woodstock
  3. Isle Of Man
  4. Altamont
  5. Montreaux

Tonight I have a huge lead with 17944 points on SNEAKY with 8814. I'd won each round up to now. There are only three players. I only needed 12000 points to get the 2000 Players Plus points. I hadn't been out for a few weeks and didn't feel like the challenge of the Fox & Firkin bar across the street.

I wanted to get onto the bars Top 10 Hall of Fame board so I risked the maximum 50% for this question which I knew would be something about Concert venues. Hmm. The lineup at Monterey, Woodstock, and Altamont all from the 1960's I new but the other two could cause me trouble.

Question:...Where was the Rolling Stones concert movie 'Gimme Shelter' filmed?

Well this was an easy one for me. Just going down the list before the question was even flashed my mental note was "Rolling Stones, man was stabbed". I pushed in '4' too soon and had to wait until 'Answer Now' appeared and then wrote out the question for this list.

Correct Answer: 4. Altamont

I was right and finished at 26916 points. That was good enough to finish 3rd on the bar's Playback Hall of Fame. So I'm 1st and 3rd. I'll have to do better on the OnBeat section of the game to have a chance of catching number 2. (OnBeat is the most likely to about 'current events'). I earn 2000 Player's Plus points. The other players were also correct on this last question. There was no national nor bar rankings the whole night which was one of the reasons I went home early.

Other games:
9:00pm...Wipeout...9836/15000...1st/3...1000+ points (standard was 9000).
9:30pm...Wipeout...9124/15000...1st/3...1000+ points (standard was 8000).
10:00pm...Playback (see above).

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