Encore Question of January 24, 1998.
Played at the Frog & Firkin pub in North York.

  1. Roger Miller
  2. Paul Simon
  3. Laura Nyro
  4. Joni Mitchell
  5. Kenny Loggins

Tonight at 19909 I have the lead thanks to me in a five way tie as TuneUp winner and winning OnBeat and pulling away. ENIGMA wins JukeBox and Triviaoke but was way behind. MOLSON is the closest to me leading a pack of players with 16668 points. There have been a few questions about the Grammy awards tonight so I was thinking it would be something about that with these five choices. Well a risk of 40% would have been enough but I risk 50%.

Question:..."Dang Me" was a big hit and an award-winner for this singer-songwriter...

Well no problem for me but I thought they would make it a completely different question. I click in then go over to the bar and offered them the answer but got no takers. Well ok, I go back to my place. I'm not at Joe Grinders any more!

Correct Answer:...1. Roger Miller

I'm right and win the game with 29863 points which is good for 5th all time on the Hall Of Fame Board at this bar. The results of the first 10 finishers are not shown on the board and the countdown of right/wrong for the last question cuts off with about six players to go. Damn! I want the glory of flicking my lighter when I'm announced as the winner. There is no ranking of our places against other players at other bars nor our bar standing. This continues for other games too. I earn 2000+ Players Plus Points as I only needed 11000 points.

Later in the night I crossed the street to 'The Keg' and really enjoyed 'me vs the continent'. So far, I'm not loyal to either place so I'm glad I haven't transferred my Players Plus points.

Other games:...
9:30pm...Wipeout...8826/15000...3rd/12...ESCORT wins...500+ points (needed 9000)...no rank for bar or players.
10:00pm...Playback...(see above).
11:00pm...RetroTV...10774/15000...7th/12...PHREDD wins...1000+ points...no rank for bar or players.
11:30pm...Countdown...9412/15000...1st/2...1000+ points...2375th in North America...bar is 2277th in North America. I miss the first three questions while switching to the 'Keg-Sheppard Centre'. I'm surprized that PHREDD has most of the high scores this month. Hmm, I was just talking to him across the street a few minutes ago.
12:00am...Countdown...11804/15800...1st/2...1000+ points...95th in Canada...bar is 2090th in North America(?).
12:30am...Countdown...11589/16000...1st/2...1000+ points...56th in Canada...bar is 2030th in North America(?).
1:00am...Countdown...11970/15000...1st/9...1000+ points...76th in North America...bar is 2040th in North America.

While I was leaving I asked the only other player RUC about the lack of players and he said there are usually many players here.

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