Encore Question of January 17, 1998.
The rest of you regulars may have played this question last week.

  1. Sonny Boy
  2. Autumn Leaves
  3. Thanks For The Memories
  4. Blue Moon
  5. My Funny Valentine

Tonight at only 15017 points I'm standing 4th of 5 players. I seem a bit rusty but I didn't think the players at the Frog & Firkin were so smart (explanation follows). With nothing to lose I put 50% on the line. KELLY and ENIGMA had won each round until now.

Question:...Which 1928 single sold 12 million copies in four weeks?

Well I don't know this but I think of 'Sonny Boy' being an Al Jolson song (may be wrong about that) and in the first talkie movie. The only one I can rule out is 'Thanks For The Memories' as I was thinking that Bob Hope sang that in a 1930's movie. I've been guessing wrong most of the game so felt I deserved a break.

Correct Answer:...1. Sonny Boy

I'm right and rise to 22525 points, not much worse than usual but I can't get above 4th place! KELLY wins with 35766 points. There are no national totals or rankings at the bar which makes this a lot less fun. I only needed 15000 points to meet the standard so suppose I earn 2000 Players Plus points even as a Yellow Star nomad.

Later in the night, the players ahead of me leave for 'The Keg' across the street to continue playing as they admit that since 9:00pm this bar has been repeating last week's games question by question including the entire Playback and the Encore finale! The bar has been disconnected or temporarily reconnected for the last three months. One in the group has written to the manager earlier in the week. I will not be in such a hurry to transfer my points from the now closed 'Joe Grinders' bar before I see how this works out.

I said I'd join the people who left but started talking to friend Bill MADDOG who'd just arrived. The woman he was with I recognized from my past. She hired me for my daytime job 17 years ago! After midnight I even gave my board back. Joe Grinders regular MRKOOL was here too.

Other games:...remember no national rankings
9:00pm...Wipeout...1369/15000...6th/6...ESCORT wins...500+ points? (would have helped if I'd got here before the 13th question.
9:30pm...Wipeout...5373/15000...6th/6...KELLY wins...1000+ points as I needed only 4000.
10:00pm...Playback (see above).
11:00pm...RetroTV...13893/15000...3rd/9...KELLY wins...1000+ points as I needed only 6000. The bartender's attempt to change games for the disgruntled regulars resulted in Wipeout clues.
11:30pm...Countdown...13112/15000 points...13112/15000...3rd/9...1000+ points.
1:30am at The Keg...maybe earned 500+ points as I played the middle five questions when I crossed the street to say goodbye.

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