Encore Question of November 22, 1997.


  1. Brooks & Dunn
  2. Hall & Oates
  3. Peaches & Herb
  4. Rene & Angela
  5. Wham!

Tonight I have a big lead with 20059 points with my friend MADDOG beside me in 2nd with 14314. I have won all four rounds so far. This could be the night where I sweep all 10 places in the Hall of Fame board for the Playback game. It's taken a few months since they reset the scores to get close to doing that. This would be one of my last chances as I got the word in the middle of the game that the bar would be closing forever on January 1st!! So trying to get my best score ever I put 50% ie 10300 points on the line...

Question: Which duo first teamed up in the 90's?

Ohoh. I'm not sure that Brooks & Dunn didn't get their start in the late 1980's with all the hits they've had...maybe country stars before I ever heard of them. Well have to toss out the other choices first. Hall & Oates were from the 1970's. Peaches & Herb were disco 70s although their big song was 'Reunited'. Wham started in 1980 and broke up in the same decade. Rene & Angela? Weren't they from an earlier age too? What did they sing? Thinking 1960's even. Ok Brooks & Dunn doesn't sound so bad. Yeah I keep my answer as '1'.

[Note: (from my music book) Rene & Angela had three singles all in the mid 1980s. Most famous song was "I'll Be Good"...now I remember being the 5th wheel with friends at dance clubs back in those years!).

Correct Answer:...1. Brooks & Dunn

I'm right and win with 30089 points. Good for 2nd on the Hall Of Fame board at the board displacing the number 10 score so I now have all ten places!! Back to the present I finish 41st in North America and the bar is 1655th as only having MADDOG with a good score and only four players still in the game there wasn't much chance of the bar doing well.

The band tonight is 'No Logo' which is a quartet of dredlocked singer/harmonica player, drummer, bassist and guitarist. Pop songs with some invited guests.

Other games:
I start the night at 401,000 points.
9:00pm...Wipeout...160/15000...5th/5...500 Players Plus points...9858th in North America...bar is 2273rd...RICH wins...(I earn 500 points for signing on during the last question and have only two choices left...haha 10 seconds work).
9:30pm...Wipeout...10611/15000...1st/7...1000 P+ points...86th in NA...bar is 1412th.
10:00pm...Playback (see above)
11:00pm...RetroTV...11480/15000...1st/4...1000 P+ points...1674th in NA...bar is 1787th.
11:30pm...Countdown...12686/15000...1st/5...1000 P+ points...214th in NA...bar is 1451st.
12:00am...Countdown...10059/15800...1st/6...1000 P+ points...196th in Canada...bar is 1258th.

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