Encore Question of October 11, 1997.


  1. Folk Rock
  2. Heavy Metal
  3. A Capella Harmonies
  4. Fusion Jazz
  5. Reggae

Tonight I have a lead thanks to winning the OnBeat and Jukebox rounds. I have 16682 and the next closest is EXILES with 14720. When I see these choices I fear a tough question. One of the earlier ones tonight had the answer "The Smokin Popes" for a group name so I wasn't expecting much different. I did a quick calculation and saw that 40% would win me the game and yet get me more than 22000 points enough to put me on the bars Hall of Fame board for this game on my way to getting all 10 spots. So with 6673 on the line...

What style of music was played by the Canadian group April Wine?

Well this was a lot easier than I thought. I jumped right to the conclusion that they were a Heavy Metal band. I then started playing some of their songs in my head "Bad Side of The Moon" (not Dark Side...) yes no doubt about it (used to hate that song).

Correct Answer: 2. Heavy Metal

I win with 23355 and am really surprized that only two of us in the nine players got this one right. What did they think it was? Folk Rock they said!...well the group did have a longer career in Canada than the USA but I never would say they mellowed out. I gain 2000+ Players Points and finish 157th in North America. I guess not many others knew this answer either. Our bar was 1471st in North America. MEWLER was behind my score but also finished in the top 200 players. I finish on the bar's Hall of Fame at position 5 so push the other scores down a notch. I now have the top 5 scores on the board.

Other games:
8:30pm...Countdown...1172/15000...5th/6 tie...1500+ Players Plus points...8639th in North America...bar is 1013th...KARPOV wins...(actually I only got here in time for the last two questions so to earn 1500P+ points for three minutes of work was quite pleasing).
9:00pm...Wipeout...11744/15000...1st/6...1000+ points...654th in NA...bar is 1892nd.
9:30pm...Wipeout...8405/15000...1st/8...1000+ points...666th in NA...bar is 691st.
10:00pm...Playback (see above).

Missed the band "No Code" who were a quartet of dredded singer, guitar, bass and drums who from the first and only song I heard played reggae blues.

I had made up my mind to leave by 11:00pm as I had to drive north early tomorrow but I noticed that the player DAVETV was in the Network Top 20 and playing at the Frog & Firkin just about four blocks south of here. I turned and walked down that direction instead of home.

The Frog & Firkin is more an English style of pub with more tables and bar stools than a music club. From photos on the web I figured out who DAVETV was. I introduced myself and he was quite friendly. He was in a group of about eight. The bar finished Number 1 in North America with 9 of them in the top 100 players. The only system is that whoever knew the answer would call it out for the rest of them. Of course eight brains are better than one so my lone-wolf style wouldn't stand up around here. Also playing were AUSPAT and MOLSON. DAVETV had two boards. His goal was to put our bar over 'those Americans'.

They'd given out all the boards but I did buy a drink and hang out with them for about 45 minutes. One of those great trivia moments came about when I was 'wearing' the answer. The name of a French overseas territory I pulled off my jacket to reveal my Club Med t-shirt from Martinique. (ok the answer was Guadeloupe but I yelled out that one too). 'Name of the brat pack member who was on Saturday Night Live' "Morton Downey Jr no sorry Robert Downey Jr, no Anthony Michael Hall" when I saw the choices. Was I nervous! Duran Duran of Barbarella was another of mine.
Well anyway I was invited back by him and Vicky and I can see myself returning.

Conclusion so far: He's a nice friendly guy who's patriotically Canadian and enjoys his friends. I don't know what mood some other reports caught him in or their own jealousy posting such crap.

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