Encore Question October 4, 1997.


  1. Kiss On My List
  2. Private Eyes
  3. So Emotional
  4. Rich Girl
  5. Maneater

Tonight I've got a slight lead after regaining it with three Triviaoke questions to go. I was the winner of the JukeBox and Triviaoke rounds and cowinner or the TuneUp round. I have 18837 points which is just ahead of EXILES (this time his wife is with him) with 18074. With 50% of my points risk I didn't even need to see the question when I saw these answers.

Question: These were all #1 singles for Daryl Hall and John Oates except:

That's two weeks in a row of 'who DIDN'T sing this' style. No thinking after seeing a Whitney Houston song mixed in here. I press #3.

Correct Answer: 3 So Emotional

I win with 28255 points. I gain 2000 Players Plus points. I finish in 936th place in North America in what must be considered an easy Encore question. The bar is 832nd. 5 of 8 players in bar were right.

The band tonight was 'Medicine Man' who were a quartet who played pop covers. I came with my friend Rick early for a StarTrek party (I don't watch that show) and also at the bar were a wrap up party for a coed baseball league. I was sitting too far away from a monitor to see without squinting until I moved up for the Playback game. My friend left his van at my place and seemed to have to leave at 8 minutes to the hour for him to pick up some of the prizes. I came home right after the Playback game but the van was still there. I didn't go back as I was still waiting for him. Except for Playback, no other game is important to me. I was ready to mingle but ended up staying home.

Other games:
7:30pm...Countdown...5026/16000...6th/9...500+ points...4897th in North America...bar is 903rd...CATLIN wins...(would have helped if I came before the 8th question).
8:00pm...Countdown...10125/15800...4th/11...1000+ points...171st in NA...bar is 15th but no US bars are displayed...CATLIN wins and is 40th in NA.
8:30pm...Countdown...12327/15000...2nd/14...2000+ points...19th in NA but I didn't notice my name on the NA Top 20 Network Players board!!...bar is 9th!!...EXILES wins and is 7th (8th on board)!!
9:00pm...Wipeout...7471/15000...6th/13...1000+ points...3290th in NA...bar is 190th... EXILES wins with 13963 and is 9th on NA TOP 20 (13th on board).
9:30pm...Wipeout...13952/15000...1st/10...1000+ points...5th on NA TOP 20 (7th on board)...the bar is 5th in North America with an 11054 point average. All 15 questions were used on last Saturday night's Countdown game and I still don't get a perfect game!!

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