Encore Question of September 27, 1997.


  1. We're All Alone
  2. Strut
  3. Morning Train
  4. Sugar Walls
  5. For Your Eyes Only

Tonight I have the lead with 21407 points thanks to winning JukeBox and Triviaoke rounds but it took until the Triviaoke round to put me in the lead. ALIEN with 19308 points is the second place player out of 15 playing tonight. I could get by with risking 40% but decide on 50% to be greedy and I very sure I know what the question will be.

Question: These were all Top 10 hits for Sheena Easton except:

Well I knew this answer after reading the first three songs. Something didn't belong here! I've heard all these songs and know who sang them. I press in #1 as I knew Rita Coolidge sang 'We're All Alone'.

Correct Answer: 1. We're All Alone

I win with my best score ever of 32111. A technical problem means we miss the North American scores but I'm not in the Top 20. The bar is 1058th in North America. I was surprised that only four people of 15 at our bar were right. I earn 2000 Players Plus points for this game. I take 1st place on the bar's Hall Of Fame board.

The band tonight is 'Medicine Man' who were a trio who played pop covers.

Other games:
9:30pm...Countdown...10418/15000...2nd/14...1000+ points...171st in North America...bar is 126th in North America...BOND wins with 12423 and is 31st in NA.
10:00pm...Playback (see above).
11:00pm...Nitesiders...11000/15000...3rd/14 (four way tie)...1000+ points...71st in NA...bar is 3rd in NA!!...ANAKIN wins with 14000 and is 6th in NA on Top 20 board and 7th off board.
11:30pm...Countdown...10900/15000...1st/11...1000+ points...173rd in NA...bar is 810th...(from Hall of Fame list, I find that the legendary DAVE TV was at here earlier this month.
12:00am...Countdown...11415/15800...1st/10...1000+ points...61st in NA...bar is 140th

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