Encore Question of September 13, 1997.


  1. Johnny Cash
  2. Michael Stipe
  3. Sting
  4. Chuck Berry
  5. Phil Everly

Tonight I have a big lead thanks to winning all the rounds up to now. There were only four players tonight. I have 22718 points well ahead of MADDOG with 14339 but risked 50% to get a high score. I thought I knew all these performers quite well.

Question:...This famous singer speaks before Congress next weekend about online copywright infringements!

Well I got greedy! I have no idea what the answer is. This really is current news...even news that hasn't really happened yet. Well I start to think that Sting would give the best speeches being an ex schoolteacher but then he's English so I wouldn't think that he'd be invited. Michael Stipe from REM gives descriptive interviews too so I click in on him.

Correct Answer:....1 Johnny Cash

I'm wrong and tumble to 11359 but still win as the other players are also wrong. I only get 1000+ Plus points as I needed 12000 for the full 2000+. I'm 8th on the bar's Hall Of Fame as this is only about the 10th game since they reset the scores. I can't believe it when the North American scores come out and I see I'm 204th. I can understand people getting it wrong but not that many people would risk so much to let me finish so high. The bar is 2058th. Obviously this didn't make the mainstream American news either.

The band tonight is 'The SideWinders'. They were a trio who played r & b. They looked out of place before the show eating a meal in faded blue jeans looking like they'd belong at a biker bar but they played great.

Other games:
9:30pm...Wipeout...6546/15000...2nd/2...500+ points...3721st in North America...bar is 2350th...MADDOG wins. (would have helped if I'd arrived before the 3rd question).
10:00pm...Playback (see above)
11:00pm...Nightsiders...10000/15000...1st/5...1000+ points...46th in North America...bar is 567th with a 6600 average.
11:30pm...Countdown...10639/15000...1st/4...1000+ points...1001st in North America...bar is 1510th.

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