Encore Question of August 30, 1997.


  1. Commander Cody
  2. Captain Beefheart
  3. Staff Sgt Barry Sadler
  4. Lt William Calley
  5. Private Partz

Tonight I'm in the lead with 19589 points coming into the Encore round thanks to winning or co-winning all rounds. I had another perfect round in TuneUp. VADER is my closest rival with 14941 points so I'll have to be right and risk 20%. Seeing the answers and figuring I knew these people or groups except '5' I instead risked 50% so I could shoot to the top of the Hall of Fame board. With 9794 on the line...

Question: Which 70's musician had hits with Tex Ritter's 'Hot Rod Lincoln' and 'Smoke Smoke Smoke'?

Well this was unbelievable--like the times I may be wearing a shirt or the background music is playing a song that comes on just when the question comes up. 'Hot Rod Lincoln' was the first record I ever bought !! It was in 1972 and I played it on the old family Sea breeze record player. Speeds of 16-33-45-78 were tried for every sound from dirges to chipmunks on that machine.

I couldn't tip anyone off to the right answer as it took me too long to write the question down.

Correct Answer:...1 Commander Cody

I'm right and finish with 29383 points. About half of the eight contestants were right. 2nd place was way behind at only 12k something. I rank 233rd in North America and the bar is 1623rd.

The band tonight is 'Velvet Hammer' which is four veteran guys playing bluesy covers. There is a left handed guitarist who looked like Carlos Santana, a bassist, drummer and an electrict violinist who made them sound a bit different than the usual bands that play here.

Other games:
9:30pm...Wipeout...5195/15000...5th/13...500+ points...4927th in North America...bar is 984th...VADER wins. (would have helped if I'd got here before the 7th question.
10:00pm...Playback (see above)
11:00pm...Nightsiders...8000/15000...1st/5...500+ points...21st in North America (tie for 10th on the Network Players board!)...bar is 495th...The P+ point standard was 9000 for this game so something like only four players on the continent met this level !!
12:00am...Countdown...11961/15800...1st/5...1000+ points...63rd in NA...bar is 873rd.

Not a bad night as I'd expected to be out watching a soccer game during Playback earlier this week but it was rescheduled.

This was the night that Princess Diana died so one monitor was turned from sports to CNN.

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