Encore Question of August 2nd, 1997.


  1. Keith Sweat
  2. Sean Puffy Combs
  3. LL Cool J
  4. Toni Braxton
  5. Johnny Gill

Tonight after coming from a soccer game, I come in and answer the last triviaoke question, get 1000 points and am informed I've won the round!! Not a chance of winning but I'm in 3rd place of 3 in a very weak field of players. I risk 500 points for this question.

Question:..This artist is the president of Bad Boy Entertainment.

Ok I'm not really sure about this but I've been hearing nothing except this star and his owning a record company. I was downtown today (Toronto) to see the Caribana Parade and I actually saw the artist I have in mind on the back of a flatbed truck hyping his show. I don't know what his company is called but I guess they mean him.

Correct Answer:...2 Sean Puffy Combs

Yes it was him. (one of those ironic moments like the times I've been wearing shirts of places I've been and having an answer to trivia turn up). I'm right and finish 2nd with 1500 points. BOYTOY wins the game with 4931 points. I don't hang around to see the network scores but go out to the patio to talk to my friend Paul. I also don't get back to the game the rest of the night and leave the bar early. I suppose I earned 1000+ points for about 5 minutes work.

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