Encore Question of July 12th, 1997.


  1. Elvis Presley
  2. Jim Morrison
  3. John Lennon
  4. Jimi Hendrix
  5. Marvin Gaye

Tonight, I arrive with only minutes to spare from watching a soccer game. Enough to get a Playmaker and sign on before the Encore question. I wanted to get a machine before the last question to know if I could win at least partial points for Players Plus. So with 0 points going into this round and standing 5th of 5 players....

Question:..His psychedelic Rolls Royce Phantom features a custom paisley paint job.

Well this one is no problem for me. I've read about this years ago and thought it was in the news again recently when I thought it was on the auction block.



Correct Answer:..3 John Lennon

My answer is recorded as 'wrong' despite pressing '3' as I assume I had no points to risk in the first place. I get the last laugh as I earn 1000+ points for just two minutes work and end the game at 0. The winner is EUEY with 12xxx points who came from 2nd when the leader guessed wrong. I'm shocked to find that all my high scores have been erased from the Hall of Fame. I had worked myself onto 7 of the top 10 places over the last year and a half. I'll have to put up with this until October when I get back to coming by 10:00pm. Of course seeing this my 2nd mini riot within three weeks may get this team banned from the soccer league and I will have my Saturday night's free before then.

The band tonight was 'The Highrollers' a cover trio of guitar, bass and drums. They are getting back to their between song clowning around like they did last year with their old lineup. Gutsy to include a snippet of "We're Not Going To Take It" sung like a country band. They are on the lineup to play one weekend a month for the next two months so that's as regular as any group's going to be here. They cover 60's to 90's pop songs. (Beatles, Kinks, David Bowie, Nirvana etc).

Other games:
11:00pm...RetroTV...9966/15000...4th/10...1000+ points...1331st in North America...bar is 251st...Winner KAISER with 13249 good for 22nd!
11:30pm...Countdown...11929/15000...1st/11...1000+ points...71st in NA...bar is 18th with a 10910 average...Yeah! We see our standing on the Top 20 board in North America.
12:00am...Countdown...12578/15000...1st/9...1000+ points...137th in NA...bar is 466th.
12:30am...Countdown...9984/16000...3rd/9...my rank unknown...bar is 204th...MEWLER wins.
1:00am...Countdown...11851/15000...1st/8...114th in NA...bar is 1456.
1:30am...Countdown...My Playmaker battery conks out early so I help OUTTTT win the round. These three guys had mostly been playing shuffleboard earlier in the night.

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