Encore Question of June 14th, 1997.


  1. Smokey Robinson
  2. Lionel Richie
  3. John Fogerty
  4. Stephen Stills
  5. Eric Clapton

Tonight I am behind MEWLER. I didn't get here until there were only five questions to go in the OnBeat round. I got a 6000/6000 performance in Jukebox and also won Triviaoke. With 14751 points in 2nd out of 12 players, I was only looking at MEWLER with 15209 and put 50% on the line. I thought I'd know anything they could ask about these artists but didn't consider that we both may be wrong and betting low could make me a winner.

Question:...He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice in the same night.




Hmm, I read all the choices over. I pressed '5' for Eric Clapton as I was thinking of Derek & The Dominoes and himself. Then my mind thought Crosby Stills Nash......and Young couldn't elect them separately then Buffalo Springfield. Yike damn, gotta press that in, too late!

Correct Answer: 4. Stephen Stills

I get it wrong and so do 11 of 12 people in the bar. I finish in 2nd place with 7375 points good for 7096th in North America. The bar was 20xx something in North America. Obviously there were a lot of bars that knew this question. MEWLER had bet 50% and was wrong too. With me doing so well in my comeback, I never even considered being wrong. I earned 1000+ points for my effort.

Although it wasn't my excuse tonight for being late, I expect to be late most Saturday's between now and mid September because of being at soccer games. Every Playback will be a comeback unless I mention otherwise.

The band tonight was 'Junior High' and I must admit, I never went to the front to see if they'd changed personnel from last time I saw them. I only played one other game before leaving.

Other games:
11:00pm RetroTV...11881/15000...1st/12...1000+ points...310th in North America, bar is 642nd.

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