Encore Question of May 31st, 1997.


  1. The Eagles
  2. Marshall Tucker Band
  3. The Knack
  4. Queen
  5. REO Speedwagon

Tonight I have a big lead over 2nd place BONGO thanks to co-winning Tune-Up with IDONO and then winning all the other rounds. BONGO has 13848 and I'd expect to risk 50%. I have 19988 and with the thoughts of a Top 10 score on the bar's Hall of Fame and encouraged by IDONO to bet it all, I risk the maximum 9994 points. I figure the question will be either be song titles or band members.

Question:...They had such 70's hits as "Fire On The Mountain" and "Heard It In A Love Song".

No problem, as I knew this one. I made sure IDONO had got this one correct.



Correct Answer: 2. Marshall Tucker Band.

I'm right as were the top three of the six players for this game. I finish with 29982 points, good for 6th all time on the Joe Grinders board. It displaces my 10th place score. It doesn't look like anyone else joined the board since I missed two weeks. My score is good for 704th in North America and the bar is 1526th. I earn 2000+ Players Plus points.

The band tonight was 'Mann Overboard' which was a thirty-something quartet of guitar, bass, keyboard and drums that played 60's and 70's blues and soul. On my way out they played 'Mustang Sally' to reinforce my idea that this is the most covered song by any band playing here. The patio was open for the first Saturday this year (may have been open the last two weeks I've missed) and some brave souls were sitting outside with their jackets on.

Other games:
9:30pm...Wipeout...7410/15000...1000+ points..1/2..3849th in North America...bar is 2530th. (would have helped my score if I'd got here before the 5th question).
10:00pm...Playback..(see above).
11:00pm...RetroTV...13233/15000...1000+ points..1/4..202nd in NA bar is 938th which is good in that we only had four players and everyone's score was over 10000.
11:30pm...Countdown...13542/15800...1000+ points..1/5..net ranking of players and bars not given. I was best of the month in 15800 games which I don't boast about but this is the last day of May!
12:00am...Countdown...9623/15000...1000+ points...2/5..770th in NA...bar is 884th...winner is SPCA with 9854th. He/She passed me on the last question.

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