Encore Question of May 24th, 1997.


  1. Personalized Checks
  2. Tower Record Card
  3. Visa Card
  4. Traveller's Checks
  5. American Express Card

Tonight I'm not at Joe Grinders but I'm out with a friend Rick at a bar near his place in Scarborough, the Fiddler's Elbow. I don't even have a machine at the start of the game as the eight that this bar has are already given out. After the Tune-Up round, some guy at a table that had a few playmakers gave me his. I caught up to the leaders and had a lead when this question came up. I had an idea what this question would be even before it came up! This wasn't my home bar and I didn't know how to sign on as a visitor P Plus player so I put a maximum 50% on the line.

Question:...If you want to buy their new action figures you may want to pay for them with your own KISS _________

Well they had already asked the action figure question earlier in the On-Beat section and I got it wrong as I thought Kiss had action figures 20 years ago. Now this was this week's current newstory. I read this one in the paper. I knew it was a credit card and I was sure the American Express company wouldn't want this image so it did reinforce my idea that it was a VISA card. In goes '3'. Actually I spent the rest of the 30 seconds trying to write down the rather lengthy question. I hope this is the actual question...

Correct Answer: 3. Visa Card

I win and finish the game with 27021. Actually that would be a good game for me at Joe Grinders. At this place I finished 2nd all time on their Top 10 board. Five of the eight players got this question right.

The next two games I won as well as the restaurant/bar had mostly emptied out by 11:30pm!! The bar had no live entertainment but just played music tapes really loud. Must have had two of them compiled in the early 1980's because they had about a dozen of these oldies all in a row at different times.

I finally found a player who arrived just when I was ready to leave who was a visitor and asked her how she could sign on. The correct instruction is to type in your PIN number first and then the bar code. So I'd tried about five times between games the wrong order and didn't think of that! I may have gained either 500 or 1000 points in the last game as I wanted to see if it worked.

I earned 4000 points when I went to Joe Grinders for two hours on the Thursday before last as part of a end-of-year party of my workplace. I won three of four games that night including an '18th' in North America initially that dropped to 22nd when all the scores came in.

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