Encore Question of May 10th, 1997.


  1. Loretta Lynn
  2. Tammy Wynette
  3. Dottie West
  4. Reba McEntire
  5. Dolly Parton

Tonight I have a big lead over BENNO thanks to winning OnBeat and Jukebox and tieing BADDAZ in the opening TuneUp round (with a perfect 5000). I have 18999 points and BENNO has 14672 so have to bet 20% and be right to make sure I win. It was tempting to bet 50% and finish in the upper reaches of the Top 10 at the bar but the topic 'female country singers' isn't my strongest category. I expect it will be a song title or new album in the question. With 3800 on the line...

Question: This now famous cloned sheep was named after this country singer:

Well I knew this one but I'd never heard she'd been named after a country singer in all the newscasts I saw in the last two months. How insulting.
This was a strange game in that much of the OnBeat section answers did not have all five selections to choose from. Sometimes there was none, sometimes one (which may have been the correct answer but another one wasn't), sometimes three. Also the Triviaoke section answered the same Toto song twice but with a different song!

Correct Answer: 5. Dolly Parton

I'm right and so are about four of the seven players playing. I finish with 22799, good for 1313th (feeling lucky?) in North America. I earn 2000+ Players Plus points. The bar is 1063rd. BENNO is 2nd with 19074.

The band is 'Weekend Pass' which were here just last month. The singer didn't dress like Janis Joplin tonight but maybe like Melissa Etheridge. The song selection was about the same as last time. The bar was extremely crowded and noisy as it was a birthday party for a guy named Steve who was turning 40. He had a special t-shirt to wear so I knew what was going on. I left early tonight. The Playmaker I was using would blink in a different answer than I'd press so it was a nuisance to have to keep changing maybe once a game.

Other games:
9:30pm..Wipeout..4732/15000..500+ points..5th/7..4847th in North America..bar is 1287th.. winner was AUSTIN. (would have helped my score if I'd gotten here before the 6th question).
10:00pm..Playback..(see above).
11:00pm..RetroTV..12031/15000..1000+ points..1st/9..190th in NA..bar is 1123rd.
11:30pm..Countdown..10047/15800..1000+ points..135th in NA..bars score not given.

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