Encore Question of April 19th, 1997.


  1. Stevie Ray Vaughan
  2. Lee Ritenour
  3. George Benson
  4. Joe Satriani
  5. Joe Pass

Tonight I have the lead but don't feel very comfortable with the answers displayed. Of my score of 16358, I only put 20% on the line to freeze out the 2nd place JASAS who has 12267 and I'd expect to risk the maximum 50%. I had the lead thanks to winning the OnBeat round by a great deal and then never giving it up. So with 3272 points on the line...

Question: Which jazz guitarist is known as "Captain Fingers"?

I don't know this one. I've heard of everyone but Joe Pass. Well let's see, Stevie Ray is more known for rock and blues; George Benson(?), I'd thought I'd have heard that nickname if it was him; Joe Satriani I thought was more rock too. I don't even know if Lee Ritenour is a man or woman but better than not knowing the guy at all so '2' for me.

Correct Answer: 2. Lee Ritenour

I'm right and win with 19630. JASAS was wrong but only risked 20% but fell back in the pack. Only three of the twelve players get this question right. I finish 302nd in North America which I find hard to believe because the number one player had 37 thousand something. Our bar finishes 1212th.

The band tonight was 'The High Rollers'. They covered their usual set but had three Beatle songs in the time I was there.

OLDUDE (Brian) and IDONO (Bill) were both here tonight. My friend Paul came here for the first time in years. I was glad to see that missing last week didn't cost me a place on the Playback all star board.

Other games:
9:30pm...Wipeout..6759/15000..4th/9..1000+ Players Plus points..3667th in North America.. bar is 1110th in NA. IGOR wins.
10:00pm...Playback..(see above)
11:00pm...Nightsiders..8000/15000..3rd/11..1000+ points..71st place tie in NA..bar is 7th in NA with 7600 average (dirty pervs)..JASAS and OLDUDE win with 9000 each.
11:30pm...Countdown..11772/16000..2nd/18..1000+ points..places in North America for individuals and bar not given..OLDUDE wins with 13090.
12:00am...Countdown..10087/15000..3rd/14..1000+ points..143rd in NA..bar is 188th in NA... OLDUDE wins with 11040.

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