Encore Question of March 29th, 1997


  1. Chicago
  2. Blood Sweat & Tears
  3. Bad Company
  4. Bachman Turner Overdrive
  5. Crosby Stills & Nash

Tonight I have a razor thin lead on NEWFY as I have 15049 to 14768. I've won OnBeat and Jukebox after a horrid start in TuneUp (2500 might as well have guessed '1' to everything in this 50/50 game). NEWFY almost caught me in Triviaoke. There are only 7 players for this game. So with 50% (7524 points) on the line...

Question: Which group was formed by members of the Canadian group The Guess Who...

Ah so easy. I click in '4' as soon as I see the question then proceed to write the fifth answer and the question down for this page. It's a long one to write down before the picture disappears. I glance down with one second left and see the playmaker still read 'PRESS ANSWER NOW'. Damn I answered too soon and now its too late to answer as my fingers grab the playmaker. As you can't give 'no answer' in this round as you've bet points on this, the machine answered '5' because that was the last button pressed '5' for '50%' risk. It's not the first time this has happened to me but I've previously noticed in time to get my answer in within the 30 seconds.

Correct Answer: 4. Bachman Turner Overdrive

Of course it is as they are the only real Canadian band offered. Canadian Neil Young wasn't even listed as a choice for CS&N and Blood Sweat & Tears may have had one member.

I'm wrong and tumble to 5th with 7525. That was 7610th in North America, the bar was 1656th. The winner was NEWFY with 22152 but that was not good enough to finish in the top 1000. It wasn't a good game for me anyway but this was a clincher. I get 1000+ Players points for this game.

The band tonight was The Tin Eddies who are a trio of guitar/vocals, bass, and drums. I remember them from the early 1980's playing in the style of the Stray Cats, in other words the 1950s rockabilly/big guitar sound. Not much has changed. The guys still wear bowling shirts, the drummer still has a ducktail hairstyle, and they guitarist still plays a classic looking guitar. There's not much of a crowd tonight this Easter Holiday weekend. There's not many of the regular players and even many of the regular bar staff must have arranged for the night off.

Other games:
9:30pm..Wipeout..11283/15000..1st/8..1000+ points..829th in North America..bar is 1044th. I got here in time for the second question.
10:00pm..Playback..(see above)....wow was I real mad now....
11:00pm..Retro TV..11764/15000..1st/11..1000+ points..709th in North America..bar is 889th. (I find there is another player called ROCKET playing at Mr Mikes as he finishes 19th in North America).
11:30pm..Countdown..11853/16000..1st/11..1000+ points..no standings listed...
12:00am..Countdown..11376/15000..1st/7?..1000+ points..no standings listed although preliminary stats have me at 16th.
12:30am..Countdown..12569/15800..1st/6..1000+ points..57th in NA..bar is 843rd.
I finish the night at 147000 P+ points which sets me up for graduating from green star to red star the next time I'm here.

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