Encore Question of March 22nd, 1997.


  1. Mac Davis
  2. Tom Jones
  3. Glen Campbell
  4. Paul Anka
  5. Eddie Rabbitt

Tonight I have a big lead thanks to winning Tune-Up, OnBeat, and Triviaoke. My friend IDONO (Bill) won JukeBox but we were working as a team after he started late. I had 20416 and 2nd place (sorry forgot who) had 16073. The 'answers' looked easy as I know the work of these artists but only put 20% on the line to freeze out the 2nd place player. So with 4082 on the line...

Question: 'Southern Nights' was a 70's hit for:

Ahh! So easy and I daydream about why I didn't risk more to knock our bar's top 10 Hall of Fame list down a few places. I have seven of 10 places but those include the bottom five spots so I'd need about 30000 to displace some of the higher ones down. I've already pressed in '3' and tell IDONO and OLDUDE who may have guessed that anyway.

Correct Answer: 3. Glen Campbell

I win and needed that last question to hold my lead. About half the 13 players got that one right. 24499 for me is not enough to get me on the Top 10. I earn 2000 Players Plus points and finish 1276th in North America. A 50% bet would have gotten me close to the North American top 20. The bar was 686th.

The band tonight was Dr Zeuss who a quartet of vocals, guitar, bass and drums. They are pretty confident in that they could tease us with a few bars of the 'Barney Miller Theme' before launching into a cover. Their showstoppers were the opening guitar solo on 'Pretty Woman' played like Eddy Van Halen and finale song 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' as the singer actually could pass for Lenny Kravitz both in sound and appearance.

From halfway through the Playback game until I leave, I play with IDONO (Bill) and OLDUDE (Brian). We help each other's score by calling out answers. Brian points out that about half the questions in these Countdown games which should be general knowledge are in fact entertainment questions. He is upset that Entertainment as a category has it's own games like Retroactive Television and Playback. We might complain but we got great scores this night. What do you players who read this column feel? You can let me know at my e-mail address of: robing@clo.com and I'll forward the answers to Brian. The question then: Are there too many Entertainment questions in the general trivia games?

Other games:
9:30pm..Wipeout..7281/15000..3rd/6..1000+ points..3936th in North America..bar is 1369th..winner BAGWAN..(of course getting here before the 6th question would have helped my score).
10:00pm..(see above)
11:00pm..RetroTV..11966/15000..1st/11..1000+ points..185th in NA..bar is 469th.
11:30pm..Countdown..11433/16000..2nd/7..1000+ points..144th in NA..bar is 450th..winner OLDUDE.
12:00am..Dountdown..11805/15000..2nd/9..1000+ points..84th in NA..bar is 20th (Oh Yeah what glory)..winner is OLDUDE who is 20th in NA as an individual but 7th on the top 20 on the display board!
12:30am..Countdown..10153/16000..3rd/11..1000+ points..457th in NA..bar is 406th..winner OLDUDE.
1:00am..Countdown..11182/15000..1st/9..1000+ points..60th in NA..bar is 938th..(IDONO was 70th in NA).
1:30am..Countdown..11958/15000..2nd/7..1000+ points..217th in NA..bar is 688th..winner OLDUDE.

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