Encore Question of March 15th, 1997.


  1. Alabama
  2. Kentucky Headhunters
  3. Happy Valley Boys
  4. Mavericks
  5. Moonshine

Tonight I have a lead on DOCTOR (never heard of this player before) by 22547 to 17601 so risk 30% (6764) to freeze that player out if he/she/they guessed right. DOCTOR had won TuneUp and we along with RAT won OnBeat. I then won Jukebox and Triviaoke to pull away from the other 16 players.

Question: Raul Malo and Robert Reynolds are two members of this unusual country group:

Well I don't know this one. I'm not a big country music fan. I've heard the names of the guys in Alabama so it's not them. I've never heard of Happy Valley Boys nor Moonshine but am torn between Kentucky Headhunters and Mavericks. I've pressed in '2' but think 'unusual' so Kentucky Headhunters is too obvious. The Mavericks I've heard are a bit unorthodox although I've only heard them sing 'Blue Moon' on the Apollo 13 movie soundtrack. I switch to '4' and am prepared to go down with the ship.

Correct Answer: 4. Mavericks

Oh yeah! I win and watch the slow countup as this rock and roll bar is destroyed on this question. Only about 3 of the 17 get this right including PACO whom I showed how to play (ok I fed him this answer and a few others). He took 2nd with 17082 (Message: be nice to me). DOCTOR only risk 10% and was wrong. I finished with 29311 and put myself on the bars Top 10 list as 6th but didn't displace MOMO from last week. I own 6th to 10th so can only displace myself in the next few months. I gain 2000 Players Plus points and finish 123rd in North America. Risking 50% would have almost got me into the North American top 20. The bar is 922nd.

The band tonight is 'Junior High' who is a bar man bar of vocalist, guitar, bass, and drums. They dish up rocking covers from many eras including 1990's stuff. The vocalist can really cover the voice of Tragically Hip.

Other games:
9:30pm..Wipeout..3586/15000..5th/10..500+ points..6361st in North America...bar is ???..winner DOCTOR..(of course getting here before the 6th question would have helped).
10:00pm...Playback..(see above)
11:00pm..RetroTV..10453/15000..1st/13..1000+ points..1529th in NA...bar is 722nd.
11:30pm..Countdown..12752/16000..1st/9..1000+ points..43rd in NA...bar is 455th.
12:00am..Countdown..7875/15000..7th/9..500+ points(needed 8000 for P+ standard)..1846th in NA...bar is 275th.
12:30am..Countdown..9451/15800..9th/12..1000+ points..1234th in NA..bar is 7th!...no help from me but DOCTOR,regular MEWLER, and visiting player UW ENG finish 50th, 51st, and 52nd to give the bar its glory.
1:00am..Countdown..7370/15000..6th/13..1000+ points..3044th in NA..bar is 355th?, winner is UW ENG with 13244 good for 25th in NA.

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