Encore Question of March 8th, 1997.


  1. Sweet
  2. Scorpions
  3. Taco
  4. Guess Who
  5. Survivor

Tonight I'm behind a player I've never heard of before. MOMO has 19644 points while I have only 19136. There are also two other players very close behind me. I've only won TuneUp tonight, NEWTON won OnBeat (it's the only area I need to improve) and Triviaoke and MOMO won JukeBox. I've got to risk 50% and seeing the five possible answers make me feel very comfortable.

Question: What group had Top 5 hits with 'Fox On The Run' and 'Ballroom Blitz'?

Well this was very easy for an old geezer like me but too easy to sort this group I thought. I pressed in '1' and just waited. Ballroom Blitz had a second life as a beer commercial about five years ago. (maybe longer).

Correct Answer: 1. Sweet

Yes I was right but so were about 6 of the 14 players including the top four so I hold at 2nd position with 28704...usually good enough to win any other week. MOMO ended with 29466 which brought all time 5th place honours at this bar knocking one of my scores out of the Top 10. The bar is 396th in North America. The transmission seems to jam so the individual scores don't show our place against other players although none of us are in the Top 20. I earn 2000 Players Plus points which was nice as I thought I had to win the game to get that many.

The band tonight is 'The High Rollers' who have regained their spot as my favourite musicians at this bar. I'm used to their trio now of drums, bass, and guitar with the guitarist singing almost all the songs. Their previous bassist was their leader and had great charisma but the new lineup has gained confidence. Quite a variety of covers. It's always somebody's birthday in a crowd like this so they always cover the Beatles 'Birthday' and segue to a Ramone's version.

Other games:
9:30pm..Wipeout..10455/15000...1st/11...1000P+ points..1170th in North America, bar is 1072nd.
10:00pm..(see above)
11:00pm..RetroTV..12576/15000...1st/5...2000P+..150th in NA, bar is 1803rd. (hey what a drop off of players and I'm waiting to whack the others but they must have turned in their boards).
11:30pm..Countdown..10426/15000...1st/4...1000P+..98th in NA, bar is 1175th?
12:00am..Countdown..11773/15000...1st/3...1000P+..41st in NA, bar is 1242nd.
12:30am..Countdown..12020/16000...2nd/3...1000P+..?? in NA, bar is 1174th. Winner is OLDUDE who is 52nd in NA.
1:00am..Countdown..I've given my playmaker back because it's been wonky the last two games but help IDONO to 11032 or 150th in NA. OLDUDE wins with 11564 for 120th in NA. The bar is 1619th.

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