Encore Question of February 22nd, 1997.


  1. Neil Sedaka
  2. Mel Torme
  3. Tony Bennett
  4. Roger Miller
  5. Mel Tillis

Tonight I'm behind a player named RICO. I was a cowinner of TuneUp then had a terrible round in OnBeat and fell to 9th as I only got 500 out of 9000 points up for grabs. I won JukeBox and Triviaoke to close to 2nd place. I put the maximum 50% of my 17870 points up against RICO who has 18011. The theme tonight has been the Grammy Awards which will be this Wednesday. I'm not that confident but don't even have my own name (switching boards has left me as POCKET) and there are players a few thousand points behind me so I gamble big.

Question: This velvet voice crooner is the subject of a 1996 nominee for Best Historical Album.

Hmm, I know Tony Bennett has made a comeback but when I read 'velvet voice' I think of Mel Torme (only heard that nickname for the first time within the last two years) so I press in '2'. Brian OLDUDE asks/tells me it's Mel 'The Velvet Fog' so I feel better.

Correct Answer: 2. Mel Torme

Actually most of the 14 get this right (I'm sure there is a big party in the restaurant passing answers but RICO only risked low so finishes about 4th. I win as POCKET with 26805 and finish 10th on the Joe Grinders all time board knocking one of my seven ROCKETs off the board. I easily get the 11000 points I need for my 2000 P+ points but I'm not logged in as a network player so that's lost. I didn't catch how I did in North America nor our bar against the others.

The band tonight was 'Baby Face Finster' which is a quartet of twenty something guys of vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. I didn't recognize much of their first set so they may have been obscure covers or snuck in some original stuff. There second set was full of 80's and 90's covers. The singer looked a little like Axl Rose and the guitarist wore one of those Dr Seuss striped tall hats. The band had a poster of the Loony Tunes character who was the gangster baby that Bugs Bunny looked after.

Other games:
9:30pm..Wipeout..3822/15000..2nd/13..500 PlayersPlus, didn't see my NA score, bar was 1694th in North America. Winner SJOHNS. It would have been better to get here before the 5th question! It was a tough game but I spent more time wrestling with my playmaker than concentrating. The answers wouldn't blink on but I'd still get the points. I traded in this machine but I now was locked out from using my network name ROCKET.
10:00pm..Playback (Grammy theme) see above.
11:00pm..RetroTV..10819/15000..1st/15..2000 P+ points, 157th in NA, bar is 407th in NA. I have to keep with the name POCKET as someone has chosen the name ROCKET but at least I earn my network points.
11:30pm..Countdown..13606/16000 (although bonus point logo would make it seem like game was worth only 15800)..1st/6..1000 P+ points. I finish 6th in North America(!!!) as ROCKET although in this bar I'm still stuck as POCKET. The bar is 5th in North America(!!!) as OLDUDE, IDONO and NHRA and me are now all sitting together.
12:00am..Countdown..10089/15000..2nd/6..1000 P+ points, 155th in NA, bar is 311th in NA. Winner is OLDUDE with 10129 who is 150th in NA. He came from behind and deserved to beat me as I got to mind their machines as the three of them stepped out and I guessed the first question wrong and couldn't change all the machines in time.
12:30am..Countdown..8371/15800..2nd/8..1000 P+ points, 242nd in NA, bar is 410th in NA. OLDUDE wins with 10466 and is 80th.
1:00am..Countdown..7575/15000..3rd/7?..1000 P+ points, 2484th in NA, bar is 737th in NA. OLDUDE wins with 11003, NHRA is 2nd.

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