Encore Question of February 8th, 1997.


  1. Take A Chance On Me
  2. Chiquitita
  3. Waterloo
  4. Abracadabra
  5. The Winner Takes It All

Tonight I have a big lead with 20673 thanks to co-winning Tune-Up then winning OnBeat and JukeBox rounds. 2nd place RKTEC has 14956 so I can be caught if I botch this question. When I see the question I get greedy as I think I know the question before it appears! Bill (IDONO) comes over to ask me what's going on and I say "It's something about ABBA; it'll be what they didn't sing so pick '4' as that's the Steve Miller Band. ABBA was the favourite band of Louise (see question of two weeks ago).

Question: Which song was not a Top 40 hit for the Swedish group ABBA?

Well I don't have to think about that and press 4 but then almost have a heart attack because my machine goes dead. It's the second time this has happened this game as I was on my way to a perfect game in Tune-Up when it cut off during the 10th question and didn't record my answer.

Correct Answer: 4 Abracadabra

Well would it matter. I was thinking would it record no answer and dock me points and could I still win? Well it had recorded although I had to wait to watch the monitor as the scoreboard gradually counted up. Yes! I win with 31009 points. I earn 2000+ points and also place 3rd in the top 10 of the bar for this game. I now own 7 of the 10 positions. For this game about half of the 8 players got this right...wasn't really paying attention as I was worrying about myself. SOLO was 2nd with 18825 points. I finish 159th in North America and the bar was 954th.

The band tonight was 'Niki B & The Blasters' a trio of guys on guitar, bass and drums. They cover older material with a bluesy feel.

Other games:
9:30pm..Wipeout..9021/15000..1st/8..1000 PlayersPlus points, 2026th in North America, bar is 1398th.
Hey I get here on time for the 9:30pm game. This game was definitely recycled. How would you like to hear in February 1997 that it was the 50th anniversary of the Battle of The Bulge (Winter 1945)?
10:00pm..Playback (see above)
11:00pm..RetroTV..10900/15000..1st/19..1000+...1078th in NA, bar is 526th..(every machine was in use this game).
11:30pm..Countdown..10328/16000..2nd/16..1000+...177th in NA, bar is ????, HOMER wins. This game gave me exactly 200000 points--only 50000 points until I turn from green to red star!!
12:00am..Countdown..9515/15000..2nd/14..1000+...211th in NA, bar is 558th, VIPER wins with 9849 and is 183rd in NA.
12:30am..Countdown..8985/15800..2nd/9..1000+...50th in NA, bar is 9th in NA!!!! VIPER wins with 9642 and is 35th in NA. There were also YUVI and XMAN in the bar who were in the Top 100 of North America!! I thought this was a very tough game but was pleased the bar finished so well.
I then spent the rest of the evening talking to Bill and Rudy and warned them I'd be going to a Valentine's Day dance next week.

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