Encore Question of February 1st, 1997.


  1. Roy Acuff
  2. Hank Williams Sr
  3. Maybelle Carter
  4. Bill Munroe
  5. Ernest Tubbs

Tonight I have a slight lead thanks to winning every round except OnBeat. I have 19204 points and in second was LOSER with 17739. I put up 50% but was pretty sure only 40% was necessary to freeze out LOSER. I didn't have much confidence in knowing what the question would be except that it would be something about 'old' style country music or the Grand Old Opry.

Who wrote 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky'?

Well I'm not sure of this. I don't recall hearing Hank Williams ever singing this one but I don't know. I thought I'd read something about Bill Munroe sometime last year like an obituary so I clicked in '4'. I think the article said he was a songwriter and the song may have caught my eye. I don't remember ever hearing this tune.....great confidence eh?

Correct Answer: 4..Bill Munroe

I win and finish the game with 28806 which puts me 457th in North America. Only 3 of the 8 players get this right. The bar is 1557th. I earn 2000 Players Plus points and am 4th best on the bar's top 10 for this game (I own 6 of the positions). LOSER finishes second with 15965 points.

The band tonight is 'Hocus Pocus' which is a four man quartet of guitar, guitar, bass, drums and brought a woman on stage for a few lead vocals during their sets. They covered older 70's and 80's material including at least three Dire Straits songs.

Big crowd tonight as there was a party for some guy turning 40. He wore a crown the whole night and must have got at least a dozen bottles of booze as gifts. The NTN players were more crowded up to one end of the bar this week so I was talking to Bill, Cooper, and Bernie. One of their artist/architect friends gave me an architect answer to help me out.

Other games:
9:30pm...Wipeout...2040/15000...4th/5...500 P+ Points, 8190th in North America, bar is 1361st...I wouldn't have won even if getting here before the 10th question as AZED finishes 63rd in all North America.
10:00pm...Playback (see above)
11:00pm...RetroTV...13455/15000...1st/12...2000 P+, 313rd in NA, bar is 359th. I'd seen many of these questions a few months ago.
11:30pm...Countdown...did not finish...I was in third but after the tenth question I noticed that someone else was on my frequency so I gave my Playmaker back. LD wins.
12:00am...Countdown...10022/15000...1st/7...1000 P+, 113th in NA, bar is 664th.
12:30am...Countdown...13227/15800...1st/8...1000 P+, 42nd in NA, bar is 227th. My name is displayed as 19th on the North America board so that was fun to see.
1:00am...Countdown...8737/15000...3rd/8...1000 P+, 1407th in NA, bar is 437th. Winner is NTYAHU (green star) who is 102nd in NA.

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