Encore Question of January 25th, 1997.


  1. Love Is In The Air
  2. All Out of Love
  3. Young Love
  4. Lost In Love
  5. The One That You Love

Tonight I have a lead so big I can't lose as I have a lead of 18004 vs 10518 for HI MOM. I'd won each round tonight. When my eyes see the answers even though I was trying to write them down for this and I didn't see them all I risked 50% because I was thinking 'Air Supply'. I've never gotten greedy and risked enough to be caught since I started to keep this page.

Question: Which 'love' song was not a Top40 song for Air Supply?

Well 2 and 4 and 5 were easy to recognise but 3 reminded me of the 1950s song by Tab Hunter...Oh who am I kidding?...I'll tell you straight up as to why I knew it was 1. It was January 26, 1992 and I was in Darling Harbour Sydney Australia watching John Paul Young sing this song. With me was Louise, a girl from there whom I'd met in Ireland on a Contiki tour in 1987 and visited her in 1989 before seeing her again in 1992. I told her I loved her at the end of my stay (the first time I'd said that to a non-relative) but she shrugged me off. She visited me later that year and I saw her again in 1994 but I knew where I stood. Right now she's either just had or will just have her first child this month after marrying a Sydney guy about 1.5 years ago. Wouldn't you know there'd be a girl between me and the monitor who looked a lot like her but was already with someone? And I could have gone to a singles dance tonight....

Correct Answer: 1..Love Is In The Air

I win and end up with 27006 good enough for 165th in North America! Only 3 of 9 in the bar got this right and LUMPY ended up being second with 10877. Our bar is 1670th thanks to most bombing out. I earn 2000 Players Plus points for passing tonight's 15000 standard and earn an electronic gold medal. I place myself 6th on the all-time best scorers at the bar in this game, probably displacing one of my own scores out of the Top 10.

The band tonight is 'Junior High' which starts their act with just their guitarist doing a solo acoustic half set of Neil Young and his ilk stuff, then having the drummer and bassist join him. Later a singer joined them, and in a later set a female singer joined them for three numbers. I'd seen this set up from the last time they were here.

Other games:
9:30pm..Wipeout..5500/15000...1st/3...1000 P+ points, 5853rd in North America, bar is 2206th in North America...It would have been easier to win if I'd got here before the 7th question!
10:00pm..Playback (see above).
11:00pm..RetroTV..13389/15000...1st/9...2000 P+, 74th in NA, bar is 449th...I had help from John for two questions to head of a charge from (yellow star visitor) RUMPLE.
11:30pm..Countdown..9938/15800...3rd/9...1000 P+, 956th in NA, bar is 956th...winner WINGS.
12:00am..Countdown..9537/16000...2nd/7...1000 P+, 211th in NA, bar is 1041st...winner IDONO with 10624 which is 148th in NA. That's Bill a real nice guy who is a great player when he concentrates and sticks around for a whole game.
12:30am..Countdown..9551/15000...1st/11...1000 P+, 188th in NA, bar is 832nd.

Oh and for real trivia, as of 1992, John Paul Young is a disk jockey in Sydney as his day job.

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