Encore Question of January 4th, 1997.


  1. Stevie Wonder
  2. Bobby Brown
  3. Michael Bolton
  4. Luther Vandross
  5. Barry White

Tonight I have a big lead thanks to winning Jukebox and sharing a win in Tune-Up but pulled away in Triviaoke. I had 18216 and my nearest rival was WWF with 11502. I expected him to risk 50% and I'd risk 10% but could still be caught. So with 1822 on the line...

Question: Who won a Grammy award for best R&B vocal with "Every Little Step" back in 1989?

Well I knew this one easy enough. I clicked in quickly then wrote the question down for this report. Easy question for me. Might as well start the new year off right.

Correct Answer: 2 Bobby Brown

I win with 20038 points. The top six all get the answer right. KATZ gets second place by putting a full 50% on the line and finishing with 16221. I earn 2000+ points and get a on line 'gold medal'. I finish exactly 3000th in North America while the bar is 1276th.

The bar is crowded on this mild (for January in Toronto) rainy night. The band is 'The High Rollers' which were my favourite band that plays here but the trio has replaced their bass player and he used to do much of their between song banter. Now the guitarist is doing more of the singing and their choice of songs has changed somewhat.

Other games:
9:30pm..Wipeout...3426/15000...2nd/8...500+ points...6029th in NA...bar is 1840th. Winner is WCW. It would be nice to get here before the 11th question if I want a big score!
10:00pm..Playback...(see above)
11:00pm..Retro TV...13527/15000...1st/13...2000+ points...145th in NA...bar is 303rd.
11:30pm..Countdown...10781/15800...1st/13...1000+ points...67th in NA...bar is 582nd.
12:00am..Countdown...11310/16000...2nd/13...1000+ points...153rd in NA...bar stats not listed. Winner is SCMELL with 11313 finished 152nd by catching me on last question!
I gave my playmaker back to mingle the rest of the evening and later helped my friends IDONO and COOOP.

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