Encore Question of December 28th, 1996.


  1. Jimmy Rowles
  2. Gerry Mulligan
  3. Don Cherry
  4. Ella Fitzgerald
  5. Albert 'Pud' Brown

Tonight I have a lead over NEWFY thanks to winning Tune-Up, OnBeat and Triviaoke. VADER won JukeBox but came to the bar so late that I had a huge lead over him. He's a Yellow star which means he's visiting from his regular bar (he told me that tonight). I put up 20% of my 19652 as I expect NEWFY to risk 50% of his/her/their 15479. There's also a whole parade of people behind 2nd in about 1000 increments. All 14/15 of the bar's playmakers are being used this round after starting at 10 in the Tune-Up round. I didn't even see the answers when I decided on my bet.

Question: Which jazz performer did not exit the world stage this year?

Damn do I ever not know this answer! I know Ella died this year. The only other person I've ever heard about is Don Cherry who is the musician father [correction step father, found that in my music book] of Neneh Cherry 'Buffalo Stance'. A lot in here would only know the name Don Cherry as the 'Hockey Night In Canada' commentator and ex Boston Bruin/Colorado Rockies coach but guess that as they'd go down in flames anyway... I picked him as the musician as I thought he was still alive or else he'd died many years earlier.

Correct Answer: 3. Don Cherry

I win and the other top three crash out because they risk too much. My friend Bill as IDONO finishes 2nd with 17028 by coming out of nowhere with a 50% bet. My 23218 earns me 2000+ Players Plus points and I finish 2236th of over 10000 players in North America (didn't risk enough for a glorious score). I finish 9th on the bars Top 10 for this game; I hope they don't clean the slate when we get to 1997 as I've got about 7 or 8 positions! The bar is in the 1200 hundred range for top bar in this game tonight.

There is no band tonight, not much crowd either, but all the Playmakers are out. The band 'Junior High' has the plum New Year's Eve gig here. I'll be at a catered singles dance on Tuesday but you can read a brief description of the band in my November 23rd posting.

The legend OLDUDE (Brian) 1.5 million points starts to Countdown play at 11:30pm. I look at him like Wayne looked at Alice Cooper in 'Wayne's World'. I get upset that I can only finish 5th or 6th in the bar when he and his clique crowd around but my scores are great for North America as you'll see below and he brings glory to the bar. I play alone as usual and only help them on one question, Captain Bligh later became governor of Sydney Australia after the Bounty...I saw that at the museum in Sydney. Finally at 1:30am as I've given my Playmaker back I just stand behind him and watch him go 8 for 8 to start a game. He says he's only had two perfect games before. A music question comes up "Prior to 'Thriller', this was the top selling album of all time". I say 'Rumours' before the answers even comes up but the answer is 'Saturday Night Fever' damn I knew that! So much time is lost changing to the correct answer. He finishes at 11000 something so it wasn't all my fault. I wish him, Bill, and Jaqueline a Happy New Year as I leave.

Also let me take this opportunity to wish the 25 or so Internet users who hit my page each week a very Happy New Year for 1997!

Other games:
9:30pm Wipeout...6324/15000...3rd/8...1000+ points...4363 in North America. It would help if I came before the 7th question. ROXX wins.
10:00pm Playback...(see above)
11:00pm Retro TV...12735/15000...1st/14...2000+ points...134th in North America. Bar is 268th. ROCKET wins.
11:30pm Countdown...11864/15800...4th/14...1000+ points...105th in North America. KAISER wins with 14821 and is the 3rd best in North America. Bar is ???
12:00am Countdown...13375/16000...2nd/15...1000+ points...27th in North America. Bar is something like 56th. OLDUDE wins and is 12th in North America.
12:30am Countdown...10129/15000...5th/13...1000+ points...69th in North America. WW wins and is 22nd in North America. Joe Grinders bar is 4th best. Terry the bartender says only if we're 1st would we get a round of drinks on the house. I didn't know that or I could've coat-tailed onto their group for some points as the top five scores at a bar go into making the average.
1:00am Countdown...8154/15800...6th/11...1000+ points...207th in North America. Bar is 12th in North America! OLDUDE wins and is 17th in North America and 9th in the bar for this time alltime.

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