Encore Question of December 21st, 1996.


  1. Jerry Seinfeld
  2. Billy Crystal
  3. Andrew Clay
  4. Adam Sandler
  5. Whoopie Goldberg

Tonight I have a slight lead over KYMMY 14881 (Green Star same as me) and KARPOV (Yellow Star one class better) 14733 thanks to winning the Tune-up and Jukebox rounds. All the questions have had a Christmas or New Year's theme. I have to risk 50% of my 16317 points and be right to hold them off. I've missed a few weeks by not coming out in the rain, then travelling to and from the Dominican Republic for a holiday. I'm not using this as an excuse but I don't feel as confident this week.

Question: Paul Newman, Goldie Hawn, and David Lee Roth are listed in this comic's humorous Hannukah song:

I have no problem guessing this one and I'm glad I know it as I'm distracted by a woman in my face asking questions about me, my printing rather than writing, "I'm Kimmy", she said, "Well you better get back and answer this question" is the best I could come up with. It's almost 11pm but for years I've been taping Saturday Night Live and watching it later in the week. Also this comedian's novelty songs are often discussed on the Internet in the Saturday Night Live Usenet conference. I press in 4 as soon as I see his name.

Correct Answer: 4 Adam Sandler

We top three players all get this question right with maximum 50% risked and I finish at 24475 which is good for 7th overall on the bar's Playback all time board. I get 2000+ points and finish 378th in North America while the bar is 1149th because the players below us three botch this question. Yeah KYMMY is right as I suppose Brian (OLDUDE White Star with over 1 million points) answers for her. Was she just a set-up distraction?

The band tonight was 'TV Evangelist' who were a three man group of singer/guitarist, bass and drums. They were 'bluesy' but covered all the usual favorites of the patrons. The drummer reminded me of the pro wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin (probably the shaved head). Attendance was light as I expected being so close to Christmas.

After 12:00am I was suddenly 38 so got Bill to take my picture with the camera I'd brought. That may be the one I post if it comes out.

Other games:
9:30pm Countdown..2277/15000...10/10...500 Players Plus points..7901st in North America. Joe Grinders is 374th in bar list. KARPOV edges OLDUDE as 146th and 147th in NA. Of course it would help if I'd arrive before the 12th question.
10:00pm Playback (see above).
11:00pm Retro TV..13365/15000...1/8...2000 P+ points...21st in North America...JG's is 759th bar...I end up 1st in bars all time high scores in December.
11:30pm Countdown..13082/15000...1/10...1000 P+ points...5th in North America!!!...JG's is 56th...I end up 1st in December for this game. (why only 1000+ points with such a great score?).
12:00am...Countdown...11029/15000...3/8...1000 P+ points...171st in NA...JG's is 401st bar...OLDUDE is 17th in NA but gets bumped for a prize in the Sweepstakes Seven game. ie finish 7th, 17, 27, etc and win a Gillette shaving kit. Once you win once, this will happen, he said.
12:30am...Countdown...11799/15000...1/6...1000 P+ points...58th in NA...JG's is 496th bar.
1:00am...Countdown...12396/15800...1/6...1000 P+ points...21st in NA...JG's is 676th bar.
Strange how my name was displayed on the Top 20 NA board as 10th in the 11pm and 1am game yet both times I was bumped to 21st. Anyway I know that 5th place game will cross North America so hello to those that've been watching.

My web counter is now counting about 25 hits per week (legs of it's own) and to all those people I'd like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 1997!!!

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