Encore Question of November 23, 1996.


  1. Green Day
  2. Pearl Jam
  3. 10000 Maniacs
  4. Ace Of Base
  5. Blind Melon

Tonight I have a big lead from winning each round except Triviaoke. I risk only 10% for Encore as I have 20888 while VADER has 14857 and I'd expect him to risk the 50% maximum available. I still have to be right but risking too much will put some of the other players behind into the game. There were five players and the three at the bottom were 'red star' network players (which translates into having at least twice as many points as I do). That was intimidating until I started to pull away.

Question: Bruce Springsteen's song "Because The Night" was a 1994 hit for this group.

Well this is no challenge for me but I wonder if I could have been wearing my T-shirt for this band this week but I use it more of a wall hanging as I don't want the colours to bleach out. I'm so comfortable of knowing I will win that I look around for someone who has a lighter. Oh yeah, I've pressed in #3 within 1 second of seeing the question.

Correct Answer: 3. 10000 Maniacs

I win with 22977 while VADER ends with 22285. It's not enough to finish in the bar's all-time Top 10 for this game. The score needed for P+ points was 17000 which is sort of high so I thought maybe they've rated the game/last question as easy. The bar is 1335th in North America, I'm 1641st and VADER is 1893rd. I borrow a match from VADER for my post game celebration as I forgot to bring my lighter.

The band tonight was 'Junior High' who ended up being a quartet but started with just the guitarist doing about five accoustic numbers. The vocals were spread out between the singer, a guitarist, and drummer all rotating lead. A bassist too. If they had nothing to sing or play they'd leave the stage! Mostly 1980's and 1990's covers with a strong Canadian content of songs.

Other games:
9:30pm Wipeout...6655/15000...3/3...1000+ points...4008th in North America...bar is 1580th in North America. Of course it would be nice if I'd come before the sixth question! VADER wins with 11713 which is 149th in NA.
10:00pm Playback (see above)
11:00pm Retro TV...13913/15000...1/5...2000+ points...18th in North America...bar is 1290th in NA. I missed my chance to see my name for a few seconds on the North American Top 20. I wasn't that pleased as the game questions were something that they'd used months before (as I told VADER). My score was the 4th best in this bar at this topic game.
11:30pm Countdown...12326/16000...2/3...1000+ points?...111th in North America...bar is 1440th in NA. Winner is VADER with 13708 good for #1 on the bar's Hall of Fame. I lost my lead on the last question.
12:00am Countdown...8973/15000...2/2...1000+ points...looks like I'm 57th in North America but have a hard time believing that. VADER wins with 12327 good for 5th in NA! Since 10000 was the 20th best score, I guess I could be 57. The bar is 1270th which is great for only two players carrying the place. Once again I miss seeing the names on the North American Top 20. I turned around to congratulate VADER but he's gone!

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