Encore Question of November 2, 1996.


  1. Country
  2. Blues
  3. Heavy Metal
  4. Classical
  5. Flamenco

Tonight I'm all alone after winning each of the previous rounds and watching the number of players in the game dwindle from three to just me. I've had a good game tonight and currently have 21001 points. With no competitors I risk the maximum 50% despite the warning of needing 14000 points to earn Players Plus Points.

Question: Which type of music is guitarist John Mooney known for?

I don't know the answer and feel like a fool for risking so much when I didn't need to. I peel out Flamenco as I think the name wouldn't be WASPish. Same for Classical as I have no good reason. I'm most likely to know Heavy Metal guitarists so not seeing this name before I click in 2 for Blues as I just imagine a black guitarist rather than a country star.

Correct Answer: 2 Blues

I'm right and my point total increases to 31501. It's probably my best total ever. I notice that I take over as Number 1 in the bar for all time greatest score in Playback in this bar in the last 6 months. I displace BABS who beat me two weeks ago. I now hold down 1st, 4th, 5th and 8th place. I gain 2000+ points for this win. I get a gold medal which is only the second of the month as old scores were wiped off but they have enough time to show me finishing 74th in North America. The bar was a poor 2258th but that's not a surprise as I was the only player.

Tonight's band is "Just 4 Kicks" a cover band quartet shared vocal duties between the guitarist, bass, and keyboardist covering songs from the 60s-90s. They all looked to be in their twenties and covered 'Mustang Sally' (I'm going to start keeping track of every band that comes here and plays that song). They tried to joke around with the crowd but attendance was very light tonight (cold weather). I turn my playmaker after the 12am game and talk to IDONO.

Other games:
9:30pm..Wipeout..5231/15000..5/5..1500+Points, KIRIAN wins, 5020th in NA, bar is 1141st. Made it until the game by the seventh question.
10:00pm..Playback.. (see above)
11:00pm..Retro TV..12154/15000..1/2..2000+Points, ROCKET wins, 160th in NA, bar is 2039th.
11:30pm..Countdown..10594/16000..2/4..1000+Points, IDONO wins, 1159th in NA, bar is 1105th.
12:00am..Countdown..12636/16000..1/6..1000+Points, ROCKET wins, 42nd in NA, bar is 990th.

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