Encore Question of October 19th, 1996.


  1. Let's Stay Together
  2. Typical Male
  3. Private Dancer
  4. I Don't Wanna Fight
  5. Love Hangover

"I think I know the question tonight" Bill and I say as we see these answers come up. Tonight on a night where rain has kept the crowds down, I'm playing with Bill who uses the nickname IDONO. I have 18797 points but that's only good for second as BABS has 20868 thanks to winning the OnBeat segment. I won the JukeBox and Triviaoke but couldn't make up much ground. As many as four of us tied in the opening round TuneUp. A 50% bet was a natural for me but this question was too easy to win I expected. So with 9394 on the line here goes:

Question: All of these songs were recorded by Tina Turner except:

Easy one here. Bill and I knew that Diana Ross sang 'Love Hangover' even before the question but for some reason Bill clicked in number 3. I as ROCKET clicked 5.

Correct Answer: 5. Love Hangover

I get it right and finish with 28181. Actually 6 of 8 players get this right including BABS who finishes with 31302. I earn 2000+ points and a silver medal. I'd much rather see my position in North America than some cartoony timewaster like the Olympic ceremony. Our bar finishes 1525th. If IDONO had guessed right, the turnaround might have been several hundred places.

The band tonight was 'The Burning Bridges' who are a bluesy foursome cover band singing stuff from the 60s to 90s. Their difference is that the drummer is the lead singer on almost everything so it did make good sense that his kit was set up at the front of the stage.

Other games: It was like a night of omens that didn't pan out. I came in with five questions left in the 9:30 game and won with 3085 for about 8 minutes work and earned 2000+ points yet winning games later only got me 1000+ points. A question popped up in a later game "Which of these cities is found in New Zealand?" I knew the answer before the answers were displayed. I happened to be wearing a t-shirt under my sweat shirt. For the only time tonight, the drummer read a question out loud and it was this one. I ran up to the stage and peeled off my sweatshirt to reveal "Auckland New Zealand" and the silverfern emblem and shouted "Hey!" "I guess the answer is Auckland, thank you very much sir" said the drummer. That's the second time that's happened as I once had a Canberra sweatshirt on when that was the correct answer to a question. The odds of that happening are in the millions I thought.

9:30pm..Wipeout..3085/15000..1st of 4 players, 2000+ points, for 8 minutes work!
10:00pm..Music Trivia (see above)
11:00pm..RetroTV...9932/15000..4th of 10 players, 2000+ points, 655th in North America, bar is 591st in NA, KNOB wins and is 405th in NA.
11:30pm..My Playmaker is sabotaged as someone keeps trying to sign on as WOLF and creates interference on my board. I wrestle back and forth with my answers and even after turning my machine off the score keeps adding up. I get a new machine for the next game.
12:00am..Countdown...12875/15800...1st of 12, 1000+ points, 89th in NA, bar is 323rd. I also show up as 2nd in the bars high scorers.
12:30am..Countdown...11039/15000...1st of 13? won it on the last question over YT ME and also control IDONO to a 2nd place finish as Bill left, 1000+ points, 125th in NA, IDONO 134th, YT ME 183rd but I missed the bar scores, I'm sure we were high in it.

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