Encore Question of October 5, 1996.


  1. Harp
  2. Spinet
  3. Mandolin
  4. Harpsicord
  5. Viola

Tonight I could say I'm a little rusty as I haven't been here in two months but my score is 19708 so that's better than most weeks. I'm in second place as a team named KARPOV has 20072. I'd won the Tune-Up round and held the lead until Jukebox when KARPOV who won the other rounds passed me. We dueled back and forth through Triviaoke. I expected KARPOV to risk 50% to stay ahead of me so I did the same. KARPOV is a yellow plus player so I'm not sure how good that is.

Question: A String quartet is typically comprised of 2 violins, a cello, and a:

Well I didn't have any trouble with that one so quickly clicked in '5'.

Correct answer: 5. Viola

6 out of the 8 players got that right including KARPOV who wins with 30108 against my 29562. I earn 2000+ Players Plus points and a 'Silver medal' which is an encouragement to be a regular. I'd rather they gave the placings of individuals in North America but they did list our bar as 1045th.

That ends my 19 game winning streak in this music trivia. (one of the weeks I couldn't get a playmaker so I didn't count that). Before I started this column I often won but got beaten almost as often.

I was welcomed back by some of the staff and patrons. The band tonight was 'The TV Evangelists' who were a trio covering songs from the 60s to 90s with emphasis on Beatles, Rolling Stones and Oasis. The crowd was small which surprized me now that the hockey seasons started and the summer's over.

I stayed about an hour longer than I usually do and played trivia until the moment I left. While I'd missed playing for months, next time I'll give the playmaker back sooner and mingle more.

Other games:
9:30pm Wipeout 6407/15000, 4th/8 in bar, 1500+ points. 2529th in North America, JG's is 1193th bar. It would help if I got here before the 8th question!
10:00pm Chartbeat (see above).
11:00pm Retro TV 13826/15000, 1st/8 in bar, 2000+ points, 67th in North America!, JG's is 462nd bar.
11:30pm Countdown 11491/16000, 1st/4 in bar, 1000+ points, 115th in North America, JG's is 1227th bar.
12:00am Countdown 9158/16000, 2nd/5 in bar, 1000+ points, ? in North America, JG's is 1369th bar. MEWLER wins. (he could challenge me in any game but only plays between his turn on the pool table so often leaves games unfinished).
12:30am Countdown 8640/15000, 2nd/6 in bar, 1000+ points, 106th in North America, JG's is 835th bar. MEWLER wins. The questions get harder as the night goes on.
1:00am Countdown 9816/15000, 1st/8 in bar, ?+ points, 21st in North America!, JG's is 20th best bar in North America! What glory.
1:30am Countdown 9588/15000, 1st/10 in bar, 1000+ points, 112th in North America, JG's is 1421th bar.

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