Encore Question of August 10, 1996.


  1. Kim Carnes
  2. Joni Mitchell
  3. Sheena Easton
  4. Deborah Harry
  5. Jennifer Warnes

Tonight I have a huge lead as only four people are playing and I don't see any regulars. I win each preliminary round and that includes On Beat where I answer the first two questions then leave the rest blank as I don't want to lose points. On Beat is the category you can really score well on if you read the Entertainment pages or Billboard magazine before coming to play. I haven't been here for about six weeks as it's summer and I was watching the Olympics. My score is 19334 and the closest to me is XYZ with 7025. I can safely risk 40% without being caught. The singers don't make me feel too confident.

Question: Who sang "It Goes Like It Goes", an Oscar winning song from the film "Norma Rae"?

Well I never saw that film and I don't think I've ever heard that song but I thought I read about who sang it....I press 5 for Jennifer Warnes.

Correct Answer: 5. Jennifer Warnes

I'm the only one right and because of my big risk I finish with 27088 against 3513 for 2nd place XYZ. I finish with one of my best scores ever. It's good for 140th in North America. I get 2000+ points which are the ones I need to pass 100000+ P Plus points in the months since I became a Network player. I need 10 times that to gain recognition but that will be a slow process if I only come out once a week.

The band tonight is 'The High Rollers' who are my favourites but the crowd numbers were really down tonight. I leave at 12:00am which means I only saw their first set.

Other games:
My starting points are 97500+ so I expect to break 100000+ tonight.
9:30pm..Wipeout..9506/15000 4th/6 players. Winner MJMWBB. I finish 829th of at least 2800 players in North America. Our bar is 757th. I get 2000+ points.
10:00pm..see above. Our bar is 1989th in North America.
11:00pm..Retro TV..13447/15000 1st/2 players. I was 214th in NA the bar was 1929th. I'd played these exact questions a few months before. 2000+ points earned.
11:30pm..Countdown..11940/15800 1st/2 players. I was 336th in NA the bar is 1875th. 1000+ points earned.

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