Encore Question of June 13th, 1996.

  1. Comedy
  2. Hearts
  3. The Road
  4. Pain
  5. Crying

Tonight I have a huge lead as every round (up to this last question) was from a previous game of about a month ago! I'd already decided to risk just 10% if this was a different question than last month's Encore. I had 21245 and BABS had 12971, so if she bet 50% and I gambled too much and was wrong... this will be something about Kings I thought. 2124 points on the line...

Question:...In a 1980's hit song The Police sang about "The King of ........"

.Answer see below


No challenge for me as I knew this one. I click in 4 for 'Pain'.

Correct Answer: 4. Pain

I win with 23369 and get 2000+ (PlayersPlus) points for the win and finishing with more than this week's game target of 17000. Joe Grinders is 1100 something best bar in North America. There is no accurate individual Network score.

Tonight's band was 'The High Rollers' who are my favourites. A pop cover trio, they seemed more serious with less clowning than their last appearance.

Other games:
9:30pm Wipeout Since there are no Playmakers available, I go over and help MEWLER who's also trying to play pool. I help him rise from 9th to 3rd by the time the games over. He even offers me his machine but I decline. ZEDMAN wins.
10:00pm Playback (see above) Terry the bartender delivers me my own machine.
11:00pm Retro TV 11306/15000, 1st/12 in bar, 2000+ points, 412th/2771min in NA. bar is the 302nd best in NA.
11:30pm Countdown 9155/16000, 2nd/12 in bar ZUKE wins, 1000+ points, 1152nd/3795min in NA. JG's is 348th best bar in NA.
12:00am Countdown 13657/16000, 1st/11 in bar, 1000+ points, 192nd/24XXmin in NA. bar is 97th in NA.

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