Encore Question of July 6, 1996.

  1. Bob Dylan
  2. Janis Joplin
  3. Paul Simon
  4. Jimi Hendrix
  5. John Lennon

Tonight I have the lead thanks to winning the Tune-Up, On-Beat and JukeBox segments. I even had a perfect game until the 8th question of On-Beat. Anyway for this final question I had 21785 vs 17608 for HUMMER and EAGLE was just a few points behind that. I risked 30% expecting them to both risk 50% to try to catch me. So with 6356 points on the line....

Question:..."Positively 4th Street", "Gotta Serve Somebody", and "My Back Pages" are all songs by:

No problem with this one as I've read about these songs although I couldn't even hum any as I don't know the turnes. I'm in for Bob Dylan.

Correct Answer: 1. Bob Dylan

I win with 28321 and needed every point as HUMMER guesses right and ends with 26412. The majority of the players knew the answer. The bar finished as 428th best in North America. The individual counter wasn't tallying properly as I can't believe I was 4th on the continent.

The band tonight was 'Burning Bridges' who were a four man cover band who seemed to favour Jimmie Vaughan songs as well as sneaking in some originals. I liked how they'd announce what they were going to play as many of their songs were more obscure than the usual top 40 stuff of other bands.

I'd missed last week so confirmed that Joe Grinders didn't win a contest held two Tuesday's before where a beer company offered $100,000 to be divided up to all patrons present in 1 lucky bar of 100 bars in the contest. It seemed to work as the bar was packed but they never got the lucky call. I also missed the band 'Yes Bill What Is It'.

Other games:
9:30pm Wipeout 5984/15000, finished 5/7players, 1510/2768 in NA, JG's is 795 in NA, Yep if I'd come earlier I could have answered more than the last 6 questions. Still I earned 2000+ points for 10 minutes work!
10:00pm Playback (see above)
11:00pm Retro TV 10736/15000, 2nd/7, 2000+, 546th/2748min in NA, JG's is 540th in NA. HUMMER wins.
11:30pm Countdown 13648/16000, 2nd/11, 1000+, 107th/2769min in NA, JG's is the 20th best bar in North America and we see that in the top 20 leader board. HUMMER wins and is 8th best in NA.

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