June 22, 1996

Encore Question of June 22nd, 1996.

  1. Dwight Yoakum
  2. Dolly Parton
  3. Cher
  4. George Strait
  5. Randy Travis

Tonight I have the lead thanks to cowinning the opening Tune-Up round then winning OnBeat and Triviaoke rounds. I have 21563 points and my closest opponent is TOEJAM with 16214. I risk only 20% to freeze that team out as I expect he/she/them will risk the maximum 50%. Ok with 4313 points on the line....

Question: "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?" is an award winning album by this country musician....

Hmm, gotta think about this one. Well Cher isn't a country singer, and I was pretty sure it was a male singer so that left me with three serious choices. I got a Randy Travis Greatist Hits album last year so that name would have caught my eye, and then I thought I'd read about George Strait on the album charts so clicked in #4.

Correct Answer: 4. George Strait

I win but was surprized to see I was the only one of 11 competitors who got the question right. I end up with 25876 while second place TOEJAM held on but finished up with 8107. I finish 1445th of at least 7781 players in North America. The bar was 1756th in North America.

The band tonight was Virgil Scott & Friends who were a bit different than the other bands as they had a keyboardist and saxaphone player. They were a five man jazz band who'd played here on Thursday night in a benefit for Child Find Canada. There is a Jazz Festival in Toronto this weekend so there were plenty of other venues in this town. Mostly just the regular patrons were here but the band connected by playing a lot of Van Morrison tunes. Virgil's between song banter clicked too.

Other games:
9:30pm WIPEOUT 9938/15000 2nd/14th 964th in NA. winner MEWLER. bar is 1139th. of course it would be nice to come before the 6th question so I could play the whole game but this was identical to last week's game. All player's in the North American Top 20 had 15000 point perfect games. 2000+ points earned.
10:00pm PLAYBACK (see above)
11:00pm RetroTV 13089/15000 2nd/12 71st in NA. winner MEWLER was 70th! bar was 212th in NA. 2000+ points earned.
11:30pm Countdown 10899/16000 6th/10 746th in NA. winner LEGGS. 1000+ points earned.
I then gave my Playmaker back and help Bill who's playing as REALLY tonight win the next Countdown and finish 2nd in the one after that.

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