Encore Question of June 15, 1996


  1. Ray Charles
  2. Charley Pride
  3. Sam Moore
  4. Aaron Neville
  5. Dobie Gray

Tonight I have a good lead thanks to winning Tune Up, Jukebox and Triviaoke rounds. I go conservative as usual by risking only 10% of my 18690 and expecting BLUE J with 12390 and MEWLER with 12226 will risk 50%.

Question: What Afro-American singer dueted with Conway Twitty on "Rainy Night In Georgia"?

I'm thinking of Charley Pride who's a country singer like Twitty or Ray Charles who can sing anything. Twitty's been dead a few years so I din't think this a 'new' recording but after Natalie Cole and Hank Williams Jr singing with their fathers, I wouldn't be sure. I'm thinking of their voices when the Playmaker selects '1' (it's been tempermental all night by making it hard to click in an answer and almost impossible to change an answer) but I override and press '2' but later change back to '1' as I know Ray did sing this one on his own.

Correct Answer: 3. Sam Moore

Sam Moore! Of Sam and Dave fame. Never thought of that. I'm wrong but see that I've won anyway. All 15 in the bar are wrong. I've never seen that happen before. My closest rivals bomb out and I'm left with 15292 points against 2nd place 8323 by KILLOJ who'd also bet conservatively.

The band at Joe Grinders tonight was Tony & The Nomads who were a four man cover group who's only difference from any other group that plays here was one of the guitarists would play saxaphone for some numbers.

Other games: 9:30pm Wipeout 5104/15000 10th/13 2000+ points 1857th in North America (it would be nice to arrive before the 8th question if I'd like to get a good score). winner ZEDMAN
10:00pm Playback (see above) North American scores not accurately given
11:00pm RetroTV 9744/15000 3rd/11 2000+ points 683rd in North America. winner MTNBOY our bar is 223rd in North America.

I gave my Playmaker back when a friend who I hadn't expected back to Toronto until next week showed up and we went out to the patio for some peace. It was the first Saturday that the patio was warm enough and dry enough to stay outside.

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