Encore Question of June 1st, 1996


  1. Guns N' Roses
  2. Black Sabbath
  3. Metallica
  4. Motley Crue
  5. Van Halen

Tonight I have a big lead thanks to winning Tune-up, On Beat, and Triviaoke rounds. The game started with only five people but by this last round, there were fourteen players. (Thanks to the hockey game ending, more monitors were switched on). I had 18579 and only had to worry about two players at 13000 something. I only risked 10%.

Question: Which group recorded the hit albums Dr Feelgood in 1990?

Ooh so easy! I still hum the title track. Everyone's going to know this one. I quickly click in 4. Motley Crue.

Correct Answer: 4. Motley Crue
Actually 13 of 14 get this right. I win with 20436. That's good for 1588th out of about 6000 in North America. It's tempting to bet big but I just want to win at this bar so bet all it takes to win. The bar was 1172nd in North America.

The band tonight was 'Tequila Mockingbirds', a mostly cover trio that put in some originals and songs by local bands. Vocals were shared by the guitarist and bassist. The patio gets some business until it gets too cold outside.

Other games: 9:30pm Wipeout 12841/21000 as this had the same sports quiz to start I've seen at least five times. As usual I missed game start (this time about 4 questions) and had to come from behind.
10:00pm Playback (see above)
11:00pm Nightsiders (sex trivia) 6000/15000 8th of 10 LEGGS wins with 14000. The bar was 10th in North America!
11:30pm Countdown 4272/15800 8th of 12. That was my worst effort ever. The best in North America was only 12 thousand something. The best three in here had 6000 something which was barely over the 6000 Ppoint standard. It just proves had NTN can tweak the questions if they want.

Not much mingling tonight. I helped or hindered the MORON team after gave my playmaker back. I left early so I could wake at 5:30am to watch the Olympic qualifier soccer game between Canada and Australia live from Sydney.

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